Welcome to my article. I found that this NFL betting system wins about 63% of the time and makes a profit every season. I hope it continues and you can win too.

It is very easy to learn and use, so there is no excuse not to try it. Good luck!

First, take a look at the NFL schedule for the week and identify the underdogs playing at home.

For the underdog playing at home, take note of the team they play against.

What you want to do now is compare the stadium surface of the home team to the stadium surface that the away team is used to playing on. I will list all the playing surfaces of the NFL teams below.

If the home underdog is playing on a different type of surface than the away team’s home stadium, then bet on the home underdog on the extended line to win.

Basically, this NFL betting system involves betting on the underdog team playing at home versus a team not used to playing on that type of stadium surface. Always bet on the point spread, not the money line.

For example, if the Cleveland Browns play at home against the New England Patriots and the Browns are the losers, then you will place a straight bet on the Cleveland Browns on this game as the Browns’ stadium has a grass surface, while the Patriots The home stadium has a grass surface.

The Patriots are more used to the grass surface that they play at home, so their chances of winning are noticeably diminished when they play in a grass-surfaced stadium.

Here are the NFL surface conditions to help you with this 63 percent winning system:

NFL Team and Home Area Terms

Arizona Cardinals Turf
atlanta falcons turf
baltimore ravens turf
Buffalo Bills turf
carolina panthers grass
chicago bears weed
Cincinnati Bengals turf
Cleveland Browns turf
dallas cowboys lawn
Denver Broncos Grass
detroit lions lawn
Green Bay Packers Grass
Houston Texans turf
Indianapolis Colts Turf
Jacksonville Jaguars Weed
Kansas City Chiefs Weed
minnesota vikings lawn
new england patriots turf
new orleans saints lawn
New York Giants Lawn
New York Jets turf
Oakland Raiders Grass
Philadelphia Eagles Grass
Pittsburgh Steelers weed
St. Louis Rams Lawn
San Diego Chargers Weed

There you go. A simple NFL betting system for you to use and benefit from.

Now here are some additional NFL betting system tips to support this system.

If you’re new to American sports betting, there are a couple of terms worth learning. First of all, betting on the money line means betting on one team to win outright. If the team wins, you win, if they lose, you lose.

The money line has different odds values ​​depending on the teams involved, so by betting on the underdog (as in the betting system above) you will win more and less when betting on the favourite.

The other type of bet is to bet on “Point Spread”. This is a form of handicapping where the odds makers predict the strongest point level one team can be expected to be over another.

So, if your bet is on a team that has a +3 point spread, it means that even if this team loses the game by 2 points, your bet will stand. Again, if the team you are betting on has a -4 point spread, for your bet to win, your team has to beat the other team by more than 4 points.

The point spread changes during the days leading up to the game. Since you’ll be betting on the underdog with this NFL betting strategy, it’s best to look for better value early on rather than wait. nfl betting

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