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What kinds of laws protect homeowners from foreclosure and how to use them

If you are facing foreclosure or have received a communication from your lender regarding your late payment, or are increasingly concerned that your loan may have been overpriced or subject to predatory lending practices, you should consider finding a good attorney and view your loan documents/communications in light of the various laws that protect homeowners/borrowers who have sold a loan

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Shopping Product Reviews

History of mobile app development

Don't we just love mobile apps? Well, these applications that have become a part of our daily lives have an interesting history and may not be known by many. For many of you, the development of mobile applications dates back to a few years ago with the iPhone app development. However, app development can go back a few years earlier,

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Ness Notes (January 22)

And then there were none! Three Division I teams began Saturday undefeated, but by the end of the day, all three had lost. No. 1 Duke lost in Georgetown (87-84) and No. 2 Florida lost in Tennessee (80-76), both falling to 17-1. No. 9 Pittsburgh (now 15-1) lost at St. John's, 55-50. My bye for Sunday is college hoops, Xavier

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Beware of this spyware hoax!

If you surf the Internet very often, or even not at all, there is a spyware hoax you should be aware of. There may come a time when you are searching a website and come across a pop-up claiming that you have spyware on your computer. The pop-up will prompt you to click so it can scan your computer for

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The influences of Italian cuisine

When people think of Italian cuisine, most think of pasta and pizza. However, there are many more dishes and influences that inspire those dishes. The history of the Italian people, as well as the geographical location of Italy, contribute to the types of food. Italian culture is shown through its cuisine.There are about 20 regions in Italy and in each

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