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new home inspector

It is this professional's responsibility to identify if new homes have any defects that must be repaired before they can be sold. The new home inspector must be fully aware of applicable local ordinances, which may include: • Plumbing and electrical systems • Frame constructions • Heating and cooling systems • Conditions of any other structure such as the garage

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Change the hard drive of your PS4

The PlayStation 4 launched with a 500 gigabyte hard drive. Cute! They think 500 gigabytes is enough data! Hello Sony! This is not 2008. 500 concerts are not going to be enough. Not when your games have required installs. Not when your games are 40 to 50 gigs each. You're making us juggle data. That's fine with smartphones, where apps

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Chobe Safaris

Hidden Paradise - Chobe Safaris If you are passionate about elephants, then Chobe National Park would be your Garden of Eden. A very close friend, Guillaume, is a French wildlife photographer who specializes in photographing elephants. the wet season Every year, Guillaume arrives in Botswana when the migratory elephants roam the Chobe National Park, from the rivers to the pans,

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The dangers of stairs

Don't be fooled by its common appearance; Stairs are a serious hazard that cause more than a thousand deaths a year. Obviously, the danger posed by stairs is that of falling. However, damage can vary widely based on a number of factors, from the direction you're facing to how high up you were at the time of the fall. Falls

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What’s so good about a certified financial planner?

Alphabet soup These days it seems like everyone in the financial services industry has a few letters after their name, indicating that they have some kind of professional designation. There is CPA, CFP, CLU, ChFC, PFS, CMFC just to name a few. Like alphabet soup, there are a lot of letters and they don't really seem to spell anything. Many

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