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Male homosexuality focuses on casual sex

While 50% of the male population is exclusively heterosexual, only 4% is exclusively homosexual. About 10% of men at some point in their life have predominantly homosexual relationships for a period of a few years. A man's orientation is determined by the sexual anatomy of the partner causing his arousal and sexual drive to engage in penetrative sex. Homosexual men

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Ripley’s Museum – Believe It’s Haunted or Not!

"Are there ghosts there, mommy?" one girl asked in response to her father's comment about Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in St. Augustine, FL, that he was "haunted." "Of course not, honey, there are no ghosts!" The reality is that many people agree with her father's comment about the haunted place, believe it or not! In fact, it is

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Life of a King – Self Directed IRA

I know we all want our retirement to be as good as life for kings or royalty. The self-directed IRA is one of the keys to your dream home, and the great thing about it is that you can control your assets for retirement. With the different types of IRAs like 401k, you can see all the returns or earnings

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Holidays with the Islanders: Caribbean Festivals

Cold winters send many travelers to the Caribbean to rest from the snow and ice, but even when the weather is warm at home, there are plenty of reasons to visit the Caribbean. No matter what your interests are, you're sure to find something to do on the islands throughout the year, especially when you consider the many delightful festivals

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Stock Options Trading: Fundamental Flaw in Fundamental Analysis and Stock Picking

Holding on to fundamental analysis and stock picking software only keeps you stuck in stock trading. Trading in this way compounds concentration risk in one asset class and fails to adequately diversify risks among stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. There is much more to stock options trading than the stock itself.I cite Benjamin F. King's study, cited repeatedly since 1966,

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How To Cite Your Internet Sources!

Internet research has become increasingly important as a source of information and ideas when writing research papers, term papers, and essays. As with printed materials, it is equally important to cite the online source of information or significant ideas."Generally speaking, a citation is a reference to a published or unpublished source" (Wikipedia (2011). Citation. Retrieved January 13, 2011 from Wikipedia:

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What are the 5 S’s and how do they work?

Dr. Harvey Karp is a well-known pediatrician who has long had a passion for understanding colic and crying. Since 1981, when he received the prestigious Ehrmann Fellowship to study colic and crying, Dr. Harvey Karp has been one of the leading experts in finding relief for babies suffering from the mysterious condition known as colic. Dr. Harvey Karp is also

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