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Infidelity destroys more lives than one realizes

I have witnessed countless people over the course of the last eight (extremely long) years, whose lives have been literally turned upside down due to the selfish and unnecessary act caused by the betrayal of infidelity.I say useless, because infidelity is unnecessary. It is an avoidable and unnecessary act that anyone could do to another human being. The pain it

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Teddy bear therapy as a play therapy tool

Teddy bears are natural tools to heal all kinds of mental health problems. As a licensed clinical social worker, I have spent many years teaching professionals how to organize these cute and engaging toys into a pattern that can be very effective in gathering information remarkably quickly in a treatment session. I have heard stories of the benefits of sleeping

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5 Things You Must Do in Naples, Italy

Naples is home to all things good: pizza, gelato, mandolin-playing performers, and stunning historical sites set against the backdrop of Mount Vesuvius. However, surprisingly, the city is half as popular as other Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice or Florence. And it's too bad because every street in this incredible city is filled with art, history, and perhaps the

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Glee covers songs from the 80s

The hit TV series Glee is currently in its fourth season and continues to garner the same popularity as it was first shown. Glee showcases the characters' talents by singing songs from classics to recent hits. They are not only beautiful actors but also magnificent singers. Some of the well-known songs that the cast have performed with their own renditions

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LMFAO – From Los Angeles clubs to debut album

For years, Sky Blu and Red Foo, two DJs from Los Angeles, have been working the clubs of Los Angeles. Although these two have a long history of playing tunes, it might seem like an unlikely pair to start playing tunes themselves, but in the last two years they have proven otherwise.In 2007, the two made an appearance at the

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Network Security Model: Defining an Enterprise Security Strategy

General description These are the top 5 security groups to consider with any business security model. These include security policy, perimeter, network, transactions, and monitoring security. All of these are part of any effective business security strategy. Any business network has a perimeter that represents all the equipment and circuits that connect to external networks, both public and private. The

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Web design trends for the fashion industry

CALL ATTENTION WITH IMAGES Most fashion websites rely on the power of images to draw attention and let the product speak for itself. The use of photographs is imperative, large images and videos are very popular. In most cases, the home page consists of a large background photo and a navigation menu. The rest of the content is placed in

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How to Approach an MBA Interview (HR)

Human resource management is increasingly becoming a critical function within most businesses and more and more high schools in India are offering specialized HR courses. In fact, the MBA as a course of study is moving towards more specialization and it is not uncommon for an MBA aspirant to find themselves shortlisted for five different courses: an MBA in Finance

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Conscious Medicine

My first and only child, Jonah, was delivered via C-section after a grueling 56-hour labor and three hours of futile pushing. There were times when he was scared as hell; during labor in an average hospital, nurses and doctors have little time to answer questions and virtually no time to hold his hand, let alone deter him from an occasional

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