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Free ways to earn money online

The Internet is full of possibilities. To connect with friends, to learn new things and even to earn money. All you need is a laptop or phone, an Internet connection, and the knowledge to start making money.There are two different ways to make money online. One is with an active business, where you get paid to make or sell things,

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Arbonne – Recession Proof?

Have you heard of the latest multi-marketing company.... Arbonne. Unfortunately, people hear that Arbonne is an MLM and immediately wonder if it's a ponzi or pyramid scheme or a scam. In addition, potential customers will be skeptical because they believe your product is overpriced, you've exaggerated its effectiveness to justify the cost, and they strongly believe your primary goal is

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Home Kitchen

Modern rustic interiors and furniture

The rustic-modern interior trend is a welcome change from vintage rustic that takes a break from aesthetic concerns. Unfinished rustic beams and brick walls with natural wood or stone floors decorated with antique furniture and natural fabrics. That's a style I like to explore.Incorporate rustic elements into our homes in an informal and sophisticated way, such as using an old

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auto repair manuals

If you are a hobby auto mechanic who loves to dig into car engines until the wee hours of the morning while most people are under their blankets, you imply the spirit of the "do it yourself" -doer and not If you are afraid of oiling your hands or if you are in an emergency situation, a very useful resource

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Digital Marketing

10 ways to make your bird trust you

Building a bond of trust between you and your parrot can seem like a daunting task, especially for new pet bird owners. It can also seem like a slow torture process. It doesn't have to be daunting or a long process. But it requires patience, consistency, and desire on your part. Here are some tips for creating a long-lasting, trusting

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IELTS Vocabulary

As a teacher, I have always emphasized to my students the importance of having a good understanding of vocabulary before attempting the IELTS test. By that I don't mean knowing a dictionary by heart, just enough synonyms to allow you to navigate between topics without having to use the same words over and over again. This is beneficial as "lexical

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Health Fitness

What is the best diet to lose weight and fat?

We've all heard of those fad diets like the grapefruit diet or the apple diet. I'm here to tell you diets that work. All of these diets are fad, crash, "stupid" diets. A real diet contains a combination of muscle-building protein, energy-filling carbohydrates, and heart-healthy fats.For weight loss, ketosis is the best diet and it is not a fad. On

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Legal Law

The miracles of a mother’s love

Many of us grew up in that wonderful safe environment, at home, so dear to our mothers. We experience the warmth and words of encouragement from our mother so generously showered on us, usually on a daily basis.Whenever we cut ourselves or had a stomach ache, she was there ready to comfort us and take the pain away. A mother's

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