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Has IBM become irrelevant?

Years ago, the technology industry was defined by IBM and the "BUNCH" (Burroughs, Univac, NCR, CDC and Honeywell). One by one, the BUNCH slowly evaporated and has either merged with other entities or taken a backseat to others, such as Digital, Wang, Data General, and others, all of which have also gone towards sunset. In the software industry, the big

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Letter to the Belmont

Held each year at Belmont Park in New York, the Belmont Stakes has always been known as The Champion's Test as it is the last of the Triple Crown races and also the longest at a mile and a half long. It is open to three-year-olds, fillies and foals alike who want to risk completing the Triple Crown (if they

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Is it a back massager or a sex toy?

How about BOTH? Remember that infamous episode of "Sex & The City" when Kim Catrell's character "Samantha" tried to return her VIBRATOR to The Sharper Image and got into a big debate with the Sharper Image salesman about it being a back massager. and not a sex. toy. Turns out they were both right!For decades, women have been buying "back

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Why the price of Tesla’s new semitrailer is a game changer

Tesla has just revealed the price of its semi trailer and once again it is exceeding all expectations! Initially, when this model was first announced, people were making disparate guesses about pricing in relation to battery size. Some assumed that if the vehicle comes with a thousand kilowatt hour battery with a 500 mile range, the price will likely fall

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