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Ten Great Reasons Why You Have Heartburn

Millions of people have heartburn or acid reflux, which is why antacid medications have been top sellers for more than a decade, generating tens of billions of dollars each year for pharmaceutical companies. But what if heartburn had nothing to do with having too much acid in your stomach? Instead, what if it had to do with a simple equation?

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Ways to Win the Jackpot in the Florida Fantasy 5 Lottery

The Florida Fantasy 5 lottery is definitely one of the best lotteries in terms of the game, the fairness and the money, however the odds are always stacked against the player by a whopping 1 in 376,992. These games are based on a random draw of numbers; therefore, it is impossible for any person or computer software to predict the

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Choosing a hot water heater for your home

If you're looking for a new water heater, keep in mind that your options now go far beyond replacing your current storage tank water heater with one just like it. Since heating water typically consumes 10 to 15 percent of a home's total monthly energy budget, the best new water heaters focus on heating water efficiently. Conventional storage water heaters

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Best Free Android Apps – For Android Lovers

PicsArt-Photo Studio: Install PicsArt Photo Studio, where everyone becomes a great artist! It is the most popular free mobile photo editor with over 87,000,000 installs, one of the fastest growing photo artist social networks and the largest art galleries. PicsArt is a free photo editor, photo grid and collage maker, drawing tool, and art picture grid. It's like an all-in-one

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Bahamas Hotels

The Bahamas is home to several resorts, some of which also have so-called "all-inclusive" vacations. Before I get into resorts, I think the term "all-inclusive" should be defined because most people think it means one thing, when it actually means something else. All-inclusive is a term that means that the three main meals and some refreshments during the day are

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An interview with Ross Bartlett

I had the pleasure of chatting with Teen Psychic, Ross Bartlett this week, and believe me, I was blown away. The nineteen-year-old from the south of England is the calmest, most relaxed and spiritually centered teenager in the Western world I have ever spoken to. Well, grilled. To smoothly facilitate my 2 page A4, no margin, half line spaced, font

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Top 5 Mobile Security Apps

Keeping your mobile safe and secure has become one of the main priorities and challenges of today. Smartphone owners would rather lose their wallets than their mobile devices. The amount of sensitive information (private text messages, photos, contacts, passwords) that we carry around on our mobile devices makes it much more important to feel secure than your regular wallet. Furthermore,

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Ceramic Kitchen Sinks: Stylish and Bulletproof

With the advent of the modern age and modern production methods, ceramic kitchen sinks were replaced by cheaper and easier to produce stainless steel products. "Hang on steel is used in many apps to be bulletproof, what's the deal with your title huh?" Well, stainless steel sinks are generally thin, noisy, and scratch and stain more easily than a ceramic

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