True music fans are constantly looking for the latest way to listen to new music. The Internet is an excellent resource for finding and sharing new music. Those who don’t know how to listen to music online should visit one of the many places where music is streamed live for anyone to enjoy.

One of the most popular and innovative services to listen to free music on the Internet is Pandora Radio. Pandora users enter the name of a song or artist they already enjoy, and Pandora then breaks it down into its basic musical qualities. Based on that information, create a radio station that only plays similar music. If a user doesn’t like a song playing on their station, they simply hit a “thumbs down” button and the song never comes up again.

Another very interesting service for listening to music online is, which allows users to create and share their own playlists. Most of today’s popular music is available to add a custom mix that can be streamed live over the internet. If someone isn’t in the mood to create their own playlist, they can browse playlists created by other users and play those as well.

Of course, if someone wants to listen to online radio, they can simply go to the website of their favorite radio station. These days, almost all radio stations broadcast their shows live over the Internet in real time. Users can listen to music, read information about artists, and even make requests online.

Once you figure out how to listen to music online, you’ll never want to stop. Online radio is a great way to listen to the latest music with few interruptions from chatty DJs or excessive commercials. With a laptop or smartphone, music lovers can take internet radio on the go and enjoy their favorite music wherever they are.

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