Gout is a painful condition caused by the buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints. In most cases, this will happen on the big toe or between the big toe and the one next to it. The overabundance of this uric acid will crystallize and settle in that joint and be quite painful. Although gout is primarily a problem faced by men, women do develop gout on occasion. It is like arthritis in nature, but it can be very easy to treat with the right diet and certain medications. It’s a great idea for anyone with this condition to watch what they eat. Knowing which flavored foods to avoid will go a long way when you’re eating at a restaurant.

The foods that seem to irritate those with good taste the most are those that are high in purines. These compounds are found in the human body and in many different foods, so it is sometimes difficult to avoid them. Therefore, when you suffer from taste, you have to be careful about the types of food you think about. Some of these purines will not bother a person, but others cause pain and sometimes extreme pain. Knowing which foods to skip can help you avoid very painful bouts of gout that can leave you incapacitated.

Some of the biggest problems for people with good taste seem to come from eating meat and seafood. That’s not good news for many, but avoiding these two food groups can help minimize pain. It is suggested to limit meat consumption to six ounces a day and replace proteins with eggs and low-fat dairy foods since these are low in purines.

Some purine-rich foods can be eaten in moderation, for example, peas, mushrooms, and beans. You shouldn’t eat large amounts, but you don’t have to limit them as much as you should limit meat and seafood.

Fats should also be limited, and foods fried in oil are never a good idea. Coffee and tea seem to be fine, but alcohol is not. When you add it all up, eating at home can be tricky, but eating out can be even worse.

When you review a menu, you may not know what to get and what to skip. The trick is to know what is in a dish and also how it is prepared. As someone who suffers with taste, you may need to learn to take the things you’ve learned at home and use them when ordering at a restaurant.

Someone with good taste will have a hard time choosing something from a menu to eat, although this depends on where this person is eating. It’s always a good idea to ask how a dish is prepared and ask for modifications to suit your taste-pleasing eating style.

Most restaurants these days are very good at altering dishes to help those who might be on a diet or have specific medical conditions. Ask about the leaner varieties of your favorite dishes. Knowing which foods to avoid with gout will make it much easier to choose foods that are tasty to eat without giving you a painful gout attack. With the right modifications and knowing which foods to gladly avoid, a restaurant meal doesn’t have to cause pain and discomfort.

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