I had the pleasure of chatting with Teen Psychic, Ross Bartlett this week, and believe me, I was blown away. The nineteen-year-old from the south of England is the calmest, most relaxed and spiritually centered teenager in the Western world I have ever spoken to. Well, grilled.

To smoothly facilitate my 2 page A4, no margin, half line spaced, font size 8 “test sheet”, I asked Ross about his tattoos. Well, there’s no escaping them really. Each one, Ross explains, has a specific spiritual meaning. His right arm, decorated with painted stars, in different sizes and colors, denotes the connection with the spirit world. The left of it trailing and swirling with leaves and vines, it symbolizes the connection with the earth. On his back is a beautiful pair of angel wings, skilfully applied by the craftsman carrying the ink. Angels are, of course, messengers, which Ross says is his specific duty; to deliver messages from the Spirit World.

Interesting; earth, angel, spirit… I consider the symbolic reference, on a conscious level, and I seem to understand it, I’m not sure, what is that but it’s like a knowing without knowing and no words can describe the resonance? Weird!

Regardless, the qualified teen psychic and hypnotherapist explained that the tattoos are a meaningful reminder for him, to further his knowledge and personal development. His tattoos also reveal that Ross embraces philosophies from many different cultures and beliefs, with Hindu, Egyptian, pagan and Christian symbols present in his collection of body art.

I asked the nineteen year old psychic what he thinks it is to be spiritual. He paused for a brief moment, commenting that he had never been asked the question before. However, his response was clear and, in short, warm and honorable. The teetotaler, non-smoker, chemical-free and vegetarian believes wholeheartedly in only good thoughts, as negative thoughts only lead to temptation, respecting and caring for both self and others. Ross explained that being spiritual is about “understanding and compassion for others… understanding of oneself… and inner growth.”

In other words, he believes that you should look inward, work hard, and respect yourself. This young psychic, surprisingly, has the same spirit as rock legend Meatloaf: that you must work on yourself, making a concerted effort to look at the “man in the mirror.”

Now moving on to grow – and develop as a Medium.

At the tender and, some would say, very significant age of fourteen, Ross began taking meditation classes at his local Spiritualist church. Soon the church offered him a place in a closed (private) development circle. The circle taught him to open up to the Spirit World, strengthen her bonds and communication skills, and hone her clear vision. They continued with meditation, practiced visualization techniques, and most importantly, trained him to close himself off so that spirit could not appear whenever they wanted.

But what about life at school?

Ross explained that his school was “very hard”, but that his life did not become difficult. Many of the children learned of Ross’s psychic abilities through his parents, who had seen the Teenage Psychic demonstrate his ability at the Spiritualist Church. Those who knew he was clairvoyant accepted and understood, which I think is a rarity, given the non-spiritual setting. I also believe that the support he received from his mother (who introduced Ross to the Spiritualist Church), his close friends and of course the church certainly helped him a great deal during what can be very difficult years. and confused.

Through his website, I learned that Ross was interested in quantum mechanics, so I asked him to explain his understanding of the topic and how it relates to his work. The enthusiasm that emanated from this young man was electric, exciting and he made me want to travel back in time to my science lessons, to really pay a little more attention!

Ross described how Quantum Theory could provide explanations about the different dimensions we live in and how we link to the Spirit World, through consciousness. “Science cannot connect science with consciousness,” Ross said, “Thought and consciousness are the building blocks of our reality…, (and) without consciousness nothing else could exist.”

He explained De Ja Vu’s feeling as a real memory. He believes that even before we came into this life, our consciousness had already made all the decisions about what we experience in this life. Ross continues: “There are an infinite number of parallel universes, all with different choices and decisions.”

The picture I imagine of Ross’s theory is this; Imagine that there are an infinite number of endless vertical straight lines. All lines are dotted with markers, a bit like the London Underground station “circles”. If you are currently on a particular route, but then choose a different route, you jump to a manufacturer on another line. However, it seems that this theory has a problem, since we are not in fact fluttering through life on a random pleasure trip, since our conscience has already predestined the results.

Ross, thankfully, injects a Star Wars analogy: Anakin Skywalker has a vision in which his girlfriend dies, so he goes to great lengths to change the outcome, changing his decisions. However, he didn’t make an iota of difference as death was already preordained and would have happened anyway, because the decisions he believed she had changed ultimately led to her death anyway.

This young scientific mind, albeit extrasensory, offers more theories and wonderful little gems to ponder. time, energy is neither created nor destroyed because it is everything”.

“The act of looking for something will create something for us to find” is Ross’ short theory of the Law of Attraction, according to which your thoughts create your reality. However, he warns, what is proven now may not be true in years to come. He explains that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was far beyond his time, at the time. However, the same theory, which has been spoon-fed into the mouths of (willing, I might add) science students for years, has now been proven wrong. He asks the question (which he cheerfully labels a prediction): “What do you mean there won’t be a radio connecting every home to the Spirit World in years to come?”

My sight? Ross Bartlett and Professor Brian Cox locked in a room for 24 hours (with occasional food and water, of course) with whiteboards, markers, sticky notes, and a laptop; just to see what mind-boggling theories and scientific equations they come up with!

Returning to his work, Ross has appeared on BBC 3, demonstrating his mediumship skills in the star of I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here, Joe Swash. The teen psychic said that he definitely enjoyed the experience of adding; “It was something different, something new.” He states that he is very open to the media and, in fact, welcomes it to reach out to those “who would not normally set foot inside a Spiritualist Church”. However, he is selective in what he does and comments, “He has to feel good.”

For a recent weekend psychic event in Coventry, UK, Ross was described as “one of the top four mediums in the country”. At the event, he appeared alongside Colin Fry, Derek Acorah and Ralph Keeton. I asked Ross if he ever felt patronized by what I described as “old school” mediums. He replied, “No. They respect me because I went out and did my thing.” Although he added that “mediums generally don’t get along with other mediums, (as there is) there is a lot of competition, ego and jealousy.” people come up to you wanting to talk to you.”

Over the next year, Ross will continue his public demonstrations, in halls, theaters, pubs and clubs. The teen psychic will also take his work to Norway and Sweden, where he reports that clairvoyance is becoming very popular. He has traveled to the US for private one-on-one readings. In addition, Ross has just completed the first stage of his autobiography, which will be published in January 2013.

With his popularity rising by the day and the demands on his clairvoyance becoming more abundant, Ross still believes that overcharging is “out of the question” for what he does. As a full-time medium, he of course needs to be paid to survive, but he states that financial rewards (or rather profits) “should be avoided.”

I asked Ross if he had any advice for the budding “young” medium. He answered:

“Be who you are – Reflect your own personality – Take one step at a time – Practice, practice, practice – Remember why you started”

Ross made it clear that his last point related to intent; if you develop yourself to help people, then you really should carry on that ethic.

In conclusion, to me, referring to Ross Bartlett as anything other than a young man would be disrespectful, although the “Teen Psychic” label has really catapulted him into the fray. He is polite, friendly, aware of his own responsibility in the work he does, very inquisitive, knowledgeable, far-sighted and, in my opinion, oozes humility.


Yes actually!

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