WWE Monday Night Raw

We started Raw with Randy Orton doing a promotion on the belief that no one could take his title from him, but if they did, he could accept it; however, what he could not accept would be that he lost his title due to a corrupt referee. He calls John Cena and demands to know if he will be ruined at Survivor Series. Cena gives a lame excuse that earns him a damn tongue. Cena defends himself by speaking ill of Wade Barrett and how he has no respect. Nexus shows up and we see Barrett and Cena arguing before Cena tells him to beat him up after pay-per-view. Orton challenges Barrett to go down into the ring alone, but they are interrupted by the email from the general manager.

The email indicates that both Orton and Barrett would each choose a teammate for what would later become the main event with Cena as a referee. We would later learn that Randy would choose R-Truth and Barrett would choose David Otunga. Our first match of the night is Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater taking on the Hart Dynasty. Once again we get a short match but still something good. Gabriel and Slater are victorious after a miscommunication from the Hart dynasty. We see R-Truth and Cena backstage and John gives his friend the same answer that he’s been giving everyone else on Survivor Series. Sheamus comes out and challenges Santino Marella to face him in a rematch of last week’s Raw. Santino goes out and makes up a shitty excuse before Vladimir Kozlov comes out to fight in Santino’s place. In fact, he has the audacity to say that Sheamus talks funny. I find this funny considering that you can’t understand Kozlov at all, you can barely understand Santino, and Sheamus speaks funny because of his Irish accent.

After the horrible match is over, Sheamus stalks Santino up the ramp while Santino takes out everything in his wallet to try to bribe Sheamus before pulling out a checkbook. John Morrison comes out and saves Santino with a kick to the ribs followed by a sick kick to the head from Sheamus that knocks him off the stage. We see R-Truth tell Orton that he thinks Cena will knock him out of the PPV title. Orton says that tonight we will see how Cena treats his friends and Truth agrees to be Randy’s partner. Next, we have some nonsense between Pee-wee Herman and Mark Henry. This is followed by diva twister and the only good thing about this segment was Lita’s surprise appearance. Next is Zack Ryder facing Ezekiel Jackson in a match in which Ryder dies in about forty-five seconds at the most. We see even more stupid things with Pee-wee Herman and for once I was happy to see The Miz. Notice that the crowd was completely dead when Pee-wee was doing the secret word part and Michael Cole was acting like a fan when Miz and Alex Riley came out. Herman taunts Miz and Alex Riley before Big Show comes out dressed as Pee-wee Herman. After removing Miz and Riley from the ring, the general manager sends us an email informing us right then and there that The Miz would have to fight the Big Show.

The fun part about this fight was that Cole was insulting Big Show during the beginning of the fight, but then he goes and promotes the Big Show movie Knucklehead. We got a good mix of them, but they gave us a shitty ending when The Miz used the Money in the Bank briefcase. We received a video pack from past guest hosts defending WWE as part of the Stand Up for the WWE campaign. Then we have Barrett demoting Cena by telling him that he will clean the locker room and scrub his back after the game. Otunga tells him that he will not scrub Barrett’s back after the game and that he will raise his hand in victory, not Barretts and therefore we see some dissensions on Nexus. We have Ted DiBiase taking on Daniel Bryan, so Cole verbally criticizes him again.

This was a good match, but once again too short. Next, LayCool is upset as always before announcing that if Natalya beats Michelle McCool, she will have a title shot at Survivor Series. We see Natalya win what was a pretty shitty divas match. We got some weird shit with Vince McMahon in a coma only to find out Stephanie was dreaming. I’ll say it was funny that any of the superstars Vince called Daniel Bryan and it wasn’t because he didn’t like the guy, but to give him a boost. It’s main event time and it’s the aforementioned tag team match between Wade Barrett & David Otunga and Randy Orton & R-Truth. Orton pulls out a quick one by hitting an RKO on Otunga while Cena was busy forcing Barrett back to his corner. This allowed R-Truth to take the victory in what was a pretty good match to close out the Raw show.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown

Smackdown begins with Edge taking on Alberto Del Rio. We ended up getting a shitty finish in what was a really good match when Nexus came out. They said they were taking over Smackdown, but that didn’t work as they got away thanks to the combined effort of Kane, Big Show, Edge, Del Rio, and Rey Mysterio. Next, we hear from Teddy Long say that Nexus would take on Kane, Del Rio, Big Show, Edge, and Mysterio in a ten-man tag. The next was a non-title match between JTG and Dolph Ziggler. It’s not such a great match and we see the problem between Vickie and Kaitlyn leading to a match later in the evening.

Behind the scenes we see Nexus hitting Rey Mysterio and that’s why he is replaced in the main event by Kofi Kingston. During a short interview we learned from Otunga that Wade Barrett left early for the UK to be with the family and that he was taking over Nexus at night. Next is a triple threat match in which the winner would get a title shot next week against Dolph Ziggler. The contestants are MVP, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, which was a good match in which MVP got the win.

Next is the game between Vickie and Kaitlyn and this was one of the worst games I have seen in a long time. We watch the same video pack on defending WWE that was shown on Raw. We see another beating from Nexus, but this time they attack MVP and Kaval. The next match was not so good as Tyler Rex beat Chris Masters after a few minutes. It’s not a bad main event as we see Edge, Kane, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, and Kofi Kingston beat Nexus after Edge hit David Otunga with a spear.

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