The San Pedro cactus is a cactus plant that has a pillar with 4 to about 9 ribbons. The plant grows quite fast and has a very strong root system with branches starting from the base of the stem. The cactus continues to grow until it falls due to its weight and after the fall it takes root again and produces new branches. The plant has traditionally been used for healing and divination and is very popular with shamans.

It can be taken dry without the inclusion of wooden stems and thorns. The edible parts are finely ground to avoid stomach problems. Among the effects of using this herb are seeing and feeling every ray of light, extreme sensitivity to light, seeing people and other things radiate, and seeing magical light. Other emotions that may take effect after consumption are crying, screaming, fear, love, feeling pleasure and laughter. With its religious background, most people now take it to get that heavenly feeling and view. Below is a simple method of how to prepare San Pedro cactus.

Step 1 – Peel the cactus. Removing the string would be the best starting point before carefully cutting away the dark green skin of the plant. Using a serrated knife, cut through the white flesh until it is in the center of the plant, then discard everything else but the white flesh.

Step 2 – Go ahead and prepare the meat. You can use the traditional method where you cut the meat into small pieces, add them to a bowl, and use a potato masher to pulverize. The more modern method of preparing the meat would be to cut the meat into pieces and put them in the blender, add water, and then blend to a powder.

Step 3 – For the meat puree in a clay pot and add enough water. A good amount would be enough to fill the pot. You can then add juice from 2 large lemons to the mix.

Step 4 – Let the mixture boil slightly and then cook for at least 6 hours. If you are following the traditional way of preparing the concoction, it would be a good idea to pulverize a little more and then wait for 12 to 36 hours of cooking.

step 5 – Using a clean cloth sheet, filter the pulp. You can secure the cloth over a bog bowl with an elastic band to make it easier for you to strain. Pour the juice mixture through the strainer, then let it sit.

step 6 – Allow the pulp to cool before wrapping it in a clean cloth and squeezing out the remaining liquid. You can then discard the pulp.

step 7 – Put the juice in your kettle and simmer on low heat. You can turn on your fan to help the evaporation process. After a few hours of boiling, the juice should be around 2 ounces of a double amount.

Step 8 – After evaporating to 1 oz, pour into a glass pie pan and heat with a fan for 24 hours so you have resin at the end. You can then take the resin-like substance and roll it into balls and then coat them in lemon juice to make candy.

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