The act of counting cards itself is relatively easy. Plus one, minus one, zero… child’s play, right? Mistaken.

As any professional blackjack player will tell you, the difficulty is not in counting the cards, but inremembering the accountt.This is what separates the hackers from the pros.

Take it from me, I alwaysI used to forget the account, especially after playing for long periods of time. I would have it in my head, and by the time the dealer paid, the number was gone. oops…

Somehow defeats the purpose of counting cards, don’t you think?

Now I will share with you a trick that will guarantee much greater success than I had at the beginning. The following words go along with the count, memorize them and you will never lose focus again.

+1 = Tree (one trunk)

+2 = Switch (two modes, on and off)

+3 = Stool (three legs)

+4 = Car (four wheels)

+5 = Glove (five fingers)

+6 = Pistol (six rounds)

+7 = Dice (roll a seven and its dice)

+8 = Pool (the black 8 ball)

+9 = Cat (cat has nine lives)

+10 = Skittles (ten skittles)

+11 = Soccer (eleven players on the field for each team)

+12 = Eggs (dozen eggs in a carton)

+13 = Witch (Friday the 13th, unlucky 13th, etc.)

+14 = Ring (14k gold)

+15 = Paycheck (15th and 30th of each month)

+16 = Sweet (sweet 16)

+17 = Magazine (the “Seventeen” magazine)

+18 = Voting booth (18 to vote)

Try saying a sentence to yourself after each hand (not out loud, of course, or you’ll come across as a weirdo). For example, if you have a +4 count, you could say, “I need to get my because wash this week.” Do you know what I mean? One sentence is all you need to make it stick.

If the count is negative, the words stay the same, just note if it’s more or less and you’ll be fine.

Practice and you will see a huge improvement in your card counting skills. I highly recommend Zen Count if you are looking to learn a new system as it is very highly effective. With that being said, have fun and good luck at the tables!

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