The Bahamas is home to several resorts, some of which also have so-called “all-inclusive” vacations.

Before I get into resorts, I think the term “all-inclusive” should be defined because most people think it means one thing, when it actually means something else.

All-inclusive is a term that means that the three main meals and some refreshments during the day are included in the hotel charge. It does NOT automatically mean that everything you can do at the resort is free (although some things are).

European is a term to describe hotels where you pay for the hotel room, but drinks and meals are extra. It does NOT automatically mean that other amenities/”things to do” will also be charged.

DO NOT make the mistake of automatically assuming that one of the above will automatically be less expensive or have more things to do than a hotel/resort that operates under a different one.

There are numerous pros and cons, and BIG differences from one hotel/resort to another.

The main spas are:
Atlantis Paradise Island

*European Plan* The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas hardly needs an introduction. With over 2,300 rooms divided into 3 tower sections, this 4-star family resort offers more to do than many major theme parks.

This is one of the most popular destinations for first-time visitors to the Bahamas for a very good reason.

However, due to its size, you really can’t “escape” at this resort.

bahamian breezes

*All Inclusive* Here, next to the crystal clear waters, you can listen to the soft song of seabirds and feel your worries wash away with the tide. In the evening, a short stroll along the beach will take you to the excitement of Nassau’s glittering casino.

This is one of the few resorts where “all inclusive” almost means that. Food and drinks when you want them are included and there is SO MUCH to do right here at the resort. Somehow this complex does a FANTASTIC job of never seeming crowded or too busy.

While there isn’t as much to do as Atlantis, this may be one of my favorite resorts for a short getaway.

Comfort Suites Paradise Island

*European Plan* Comfort Suites Paradise Island Bahamas is located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas adjacent to the Atlantis Resort. 5 minutes from Paradise Island International Airport. 10 minutes from downtown Nassau.

If you’re on a budget and money is tight, but still want a Bahamas vacation, this “resort” is the ticket. While it’s little more than a glorified hotel with virtually zero on-site services, this one is priced right. Plus, it’s close to just about everything and they do an admirable job of keeping it feeling classy enough to make it a worthy vacation destination.

Nassau Beach Hotel

*European Plan* An affordable 3-star hotel nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of Cable Beach’s other facilities, Nassau Beach Hotel boasts 750 feet of oceanfront property and offers complimentary water sports to guests, who can also sign up to take advantage of its complimentary hotel amenities are the Wyndham Nassau Resort and neighboring Crystal Palace Casino.

This is another hotel for the budget minded, and many people prefer this hotel to the Comfort Suites due to the fact that this hotel is RIGHT on the beach. I will say that I am a fan of the Comfort Suites, but if you are going to the Bahamas to spend most of your time relaxing on the beach, then this is the hotel for you.

pelican bay

*European Plan* Located on the water’s edge, the 90-room Pelican Bay at Lucaya is a Caribbean hotel with distinctive European architecture and a spectacular location on Lucaya Bay. For our most discerning guests, we offer The Pelican Bay Suites.

As far as budget 3 star resorts go, the ones on Paradise Island, or within the city of Nassau, are usually a bit better in my opinion. This, however, is a HUGE exception. Part of its appeal is that it’s not on the main island where almost all the “newbies” in the Bahamas go. It’s well-maintained, it’s expensive, and thanks to being on Grand Bahama Island, it’s not as crowded. The hotel is well maintained and one of my personal favorites for a short break when I don’t plan on spending much.

RIU Paradise Island

*All Inclusive* Located right next to the sprawling Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, RIU offers an endless variety of activities for every traveler. Water sports are offered on the fabulous beach, daily activities for adults six days a week, and nightly entertainment.

Seriously, for the money, I don’t think it’s worth it. However, I know a lot of people who love this complex… I don’t. It’s not that there is something “wrong”; it’s just that for the money you can do better.

Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort & Spa Quote or Reserve Online Here

*All Inclusive* Voted the Caribbean’s Leading Resort, Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort & Spa is the ultimate getaway for travelers. Absolutely nothing compares to this Four Diamond All Inclusive resort. Located on Nassau’s famous Cable Beach.

If you have the money, this is THE place to go (and honestly, if you go to RIU, you can probably afford it). Easily my favorite resort in the Bahamas PERIOD. If you are spending a week or more in the Bahamas and can afford to pay a bit more, then I recommend this over the much busier Atlatis.

Long Live Wyndham Fortuna Beach

*All Inclusive* Among the many amenities, the property offers two delicious restaurants, three bars, a nightclub, an invigorating activities program, a children’s club and a gym. Often referred to as vacation paradise,

Some of the best golf courses in the Bahamas can be enjoyed right here at this resort. I’ve only stayed once and it was pleasant, but my time at this hotel was quite short, so unfortunately I can’t say much more about it.

Wyndham Nassau Resort Quote or Reserve Online Here

*European Plan* This 3-star resort on the shores of Cable Beach features a Las Vegas-style casino, a 75-yard swimming lagoon and 200 yards of pristine, private beach. Along with its own amenities, guests staying at the Wyndham Nassau Resort can enjoy the amenities of its neighboring resort, the Nassau Beach Hotel.

Little more than a glorified Wyndham you can stay at anywhere else in the United States. Its only saving grace is some fantastic activities for the kids.

The bottom line:
I want to point out a couple of things real quick. First of all, there are other smaller hotels that are BETTER in many ways than these that you can stay in for less money. There are also beach shacks you can stay in (think small beach shack) for about the same price as some of the more expensive resorts.

If you haven’t been to the Bahamas many times, then these popular resorts/hotels are definitely the places to stay, and the one you choose should be determined by your budget and planned activities.

If you have a lot of money for your vacation, and if you haven’t been to the Bahamas often, Atlantis, Sandals Royal are the places I highly recommend.

If you’re on a budget and planning to spend time in the Bahamas city, choose Comfort Suites.

If you’re on a budget and plan to spend most of your time at the beach, then the Nassau Beach Hotel is for you.

However, if you’ve been to the Bahamas more than three or four times and want to stay away from Paradise, then look to Pelican Bay (no matter your budget).

Those are my recommendations anyway.

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