Smart made art

If you have young children, you know how difficult any artistic or witty moment can be. It seems that the paint never stays on the paper and the glitter never stays on the table! Now there's a quick and easy way to give your kids an area where they can draw to their hearts' delight: chalkboard paint.Chalkboard paint is really

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Legal Law

Suicide and cyberbullying

It used to be that bullying meant getting your lunch delivered or getting a nosebleed after school. Today, however, bullying has gone high-tech. "Cyberbullying" is when a child, preteen or adolescent is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, or otherwise attacked by another minor using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies, or mobile phones. With their identities hidden behind computer screens,

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Lifestyle Fashion

Personal note

What do the following have in common? • Thorough memory • Wisdom • A family tradition • Fine wine • A memorable song • A close friendship • A loving marriage • A family • Even an embellished story ... the one that got away. I could over and over again. They all get sweeter over time ... and the

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A rescued dog is the most rewarding act

My husband Eldad was on his way to a crowded animal shelter to look at a dog who he claimed "had a horrible looking photo." Labeled a terrier mix, and he's already stayed a week over his welcome. We are full time dog rescuers so we are used to the inevitable.I got a call, "You won't believe how cute this

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Real Estate

Advantages and disadvantages of LED floodlights

LED floodlights are a kind of lighting fixtures that provide uniform illumination over a wide area, such as courtyard, plaza, stadium, stage, or other spacious locations. From time to time, metal halide and high pressure sodium are commonly used in lighting sources. Light-emitting diodes were introduced to this area recently due to the rapid development of LED manufacturing and packaging.

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Shopping Product Reviews

Email, Phone or Live Chat Support – How to Best Service Your Customers

In technical support, there are generally 3 options for providing the customer support services your customer needs: email, live chat, and phone. Each has its own advantages depending on the nature of its products or services. As a general rule of thumb, you should choose the support system (s) that will make your customer most comfortable and satisfied. But how

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Tours Travel

Become a stripper in Las Vegas

Plan to arrive in Las Vegas Monday through Friday, as you won't be able to do the necessary paperwork on the weekend. Also start early in the morning, even though it is Las Vegas, these government offices are only open during normal business hours.When you come to Las Vegas, be sure to bring the following: 2 forms of identification (driver's

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