EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques and also known as Tapping, is an acquired taste. It took me a whole year to test it and I was immediately hooked. And different people have different initial feelings about it.

The classic form of EFT uses finger tapping on special acupressure points (tapping), combined with expressing our negative self-talk. The combination looks a bit like the mythical miracle elixir that cures most ills. Only it is a real method that releases most emotional and physical conditions. Newcomers to EFT are sometimes uncomfortable with the idea of ​​tapping looking strange, the idea of ​​expressing negative self-talk rather than trying to ignore it, and of course there is the question of “What if someone You see me tapping and think I am going crazy? “

Yes, tapping, being a relatively new method, seems strange at first. Initially, it may also seem wrong if we are eliminating negative talk. Hence the step-by-step introduction. But you will soon use it and find it to be a great tool. I remember when the personal computer was invented, and that was before laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Now what would we do without computers and our mobile phone?

Now, mobile phones have an interesting history. I remember when they first came out in the 1980s. They were huge brick-sized things. We (showing my age here) used to laugh at early adopters, thinking they were showing off with their new devices. Now nobody laughs. We need our cell phones. They keep us in touch with our friends, work, and loved ones. They keep us safe as we can call emergency services with them or ask for roadside assistance if our car breaks down. And they give us details of trains and buses when we travel by public transport. When we go for a walk, our mobile phone provides us with a map.

In the same way, early adopters of EFT were viewed as strangers and EFT, even at the time of this writing, is viewed as comical or silly by many people. And yet the same people often use EFT again and wonder how they managed without it!

Put this way, is it dumber for someone to tap for a few sessions or to always be seen with their nails bitten to the core? Is it dumber to tap for period pain or debilitating back pain or pain or taking lots of pain relievers instead? After all, the pills are rarely without side effects. And the pain, well, I’d tap for it any day.

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