In today’s competitive real estate market, it still amazes me how few agents know how to communicate their real estate business story to a home buyer and seller. First impressions count, and you need to be verbally and visually prepared to tell your story and why the consumer should use you and not the competition. Shortly after I started in the business, for lack of a better name, I developed my bragging book, which deals with all listing appointments and first buyer meetings.

The contents of my books are always evolving and are constantly updated with current information and examples. The first section has as many active, pending, and closed lists as I can fit. I include property brochures, postcards and virtual tours on CD-ROM. Include a variety of prices and locations.

The second section has sample newspaper ads, magazine articles, and screen prints from my website and my broker’s website to illustrate what types of marketing I do for a specific property.

Third in my bragging book are the cards, letters, and emails containing testimonials from clients, both buyers and sellers, about their satisfaction with my real estate deal.

Lastly, whatever awards or non-profit work I do in the community, I like to point out that giving back to the community is an important part of my business. After a client reviews my book, they have a complete idea of ​​the benefits I bring to the table. Let your bragging book help you tell your story to potential customers.

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