Special effects makeup artists may have the best jobs in Hollywood. The field of special makeup effects combines artistic disciplines such as sculpture and painting with construction and design skills that might be suitable for an architecture or interior design firm. Except this is way more fun.

The most obvious places to find special effects makeup artists are on the sets of horror and sci-fi movies and TV shows like “Star Trek” or “Battlestar Galactica.” in otherworldly creatures, but special effects makeup also creates the scars and wounds in action movies, the old makeup for a character in an epic saga, and the new facial structure that turns a familiar face into a distinctly new character. , or an actor. on a familiar face from history.

Off set, there are many opportunities to work with performing groups that design makeup and costumes for festivals and stage performances. Vaudeville troupes and street theater performers take advantage of special effects makeup skills to design extravagant and memorable sets.

Special effects makeup is one of the oldest tricks in show business: as old as theater and probably as old as the religious rituals that preceded theater. The amazing thing is that even with computer generated special effects and superior video editing technologies, the art of physical transformation is as important and effective as it has ever been. If you want to go into film and video production on your own, knowing something about effects makeup is a great benefit. It remains the easiest way to create a big visual impression for a small amount of money.

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