Unlike before, today’s kids would rather stay indoors than play ball outside. This is due to the fun that young children, even slightly older ones, get from the Xbox 360. As fun as it is, the Xbox 360 game console also has its flaws and if you’re not careful, it could end. with a broken box and problems with the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 gamers who know the game console well are probably aware of errors like E13, 14, 16, e74, etc. It is very expensive and anyone who is playing a very good game and suddenly gets an error is really very annoying.

The parts of the Xbox 360 that have the most common problems are the GPU, the hard drive, the disc drive, and the motherboard brackets. The most common known problem associated with these parts is due to overheating after several hours of playing the game console.

One of the most common errors that happen to an Xbox 360 is when it freezes during a game. What you can do is try a different game disc to see if it works. If it does, it means the first disk is bad. If the console doesn’t play the other game discs as well, you should turn off and unplug the hard drive, and then restart the Xbox 360 with a game disc. If it runs, it means the problem is with your hard drive.

If it still doesn’t work, check for errors or look for red lights around the power button. If you don’t see any, it may be due to a faulty CD drive and the only way to tell is by using a spare drive.

Another one of the common Xbox 360 issues with this console is when the Xbox 360 freezes and error messages appear on the screen and you see red lights around the power button. This is more commonly known as the red ring of death and is caused by overheating. You must open the console to fix this problem. There are many simple video guides available on the Internet, particularly on video sharing websites, to fix this problem. The best solution to solve this problem is to replace the heat sink with a newer one.

The procedure literally takes a few minutes, but before you do it, there is something you need to know. When replacing the heatsink, don’t go out and buy one exactly the same. You should get one of the newer upgraded heatsinks which are bigger and can stop the GPU from overheating. These are based on the new design that Microsoft uses now and once you do this you will have no more problems with Xbox 360.

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