Here is a cardio hack to lose belly fat and increase the rate of belly fat burning. It’s weird because it’s something you never thought would actually work for weight loss, but it does.

What this cardio hack is not… it has nothing to do with jogging… no walking… no elliptical machine… no need for a treadmill… forget about stairs… ditch the stationary bike …basically this has nothing to do with anything in a gym.

What is this trick…

He is going around in a circle as a 4-year-old naturally does. What do you say?” Well, that’s right, it helps increase the rate of abdominal fat burning. Here’s why…

By turning in a circle (clockwise), it stimulates your endocrine system to balance your hormone production each day. If you didn’t know, the Endocrine System is the one that controls your hormones.

So by stimulating it with twists, you give balance to your hormones that are released. Most people have hormones out of whack due to all the pollutants in the air, water, food, etc., so spinning helps fight them off. With balanced hormones, your body is ready to lose weight fast by increasing your rate of fat burning.

This is how you do it. You spin clockwise with your arms outstretched like the wings of an airplane. Twist around 5 to 15 times at first. Your goal is to get slightly dizzy, not extremely dizzy. You will find the correct number after a few tries.

Listen, since this is an article, I can’t include all the incredible details about why spinning is so good for you. Click the link below for my free 19-page report on spinning to learn everything you need to know about it.

Well, I hope you will try this cardio hack to lose belly fat and increase the rate of belly fat burning.

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