Use a consistent brand

Branding has an effect on how an audience connects with different web owners, whether they have an ecommerce store that aims to market products more effectively or a blog that shares their experiences as new parents.

No matter what business or industry, a brand conveys a message that could target the right audiences and allow them to connect with your products and / or services.

A website must be attuned to this narrative for a business to look more authentic and engaging. For this reason, it is essential to have brand consistency in a web design.

Standardize the brand

Websites need a distinctive logo and this should be placed in strategic places throughout the site along with messages that communicate your products and / or services and goals in the best possible way.

These allow customers to visualize their story and easily associate a brand’s values ​​and beliefs with the products and / or services provided.

Use colors and contrast

Color alone can influence up to 90% of customers’ first impression of a brand.

Bold color schemes are crucial in helping a unique brand selling proposition stick in users’ memories, especially when it comes to calls-to-action, making them more likely to click.

Website colors should make it easy for users to associate them with a brand, while contrast makes web components stand out from the crowd.

The correct choice of colors can evoke emotion in an audience. They can communicate a brand sentiment and create the atmosphere of a website. This is why website owners should carefully choose colors that echo their brand message when selecting their website theme.

Use negative space wisely

White or negative space describes the area around and between elements on a web page. However, negative space projects nude images onto a web page; emphasizes the topic and draws the viewers’ attention to it.

Negative space allows the site to communicate in a way that captures the attention of users and allows them to read and digest your message, resulting in increased conversions.

Negative space is used by people and companies who want to have an edge over the competition to give their website a more refined and honest character.

To create space between images and other elements and give each section some room to “breathe” visually, you can use both the margin and the padding.

Minimize the need for user-generated actions

Hick’s law says that presenting an overwhelming number of options causes viewers to take more time to decide and even change their minds and leave the website.

For this reason, call-to-action buttons are very important for conversion rate optimization (CRO). CTAs guide users to the next step.

Therefore, website owners must allow users to acquire the information they need or want from the beginning. Pop-ups, among other interruptions that increase user clicks, can be annoying and give them an unpleasant web experience.

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