The Florida Fantasy 5 lottery is definitely one of the best lotteries in terms of the game, the fairness and the money, however the odds are always stacked against the player by a whopping 1 in 376,992. These games are based on a random draw of numbers; therefore, it is impossible for any person or computer software to predict the numbers that will be drawn next. Therefore, spending money on lottery software, wheels, etc. It would be a waste of money and your valuable time. In fact, you can make better use of your time by spending time analyzing the numbers published in the draw. In fact, some of the best ways to increase your chances of winning the Florida Fantasy 5 lottery is to play the numbers that have been drawn more frequently historically compared to the ones that have been drawn quite infrequently. In short, one needs to play with the proven percentages. BESTRACS Consulting, LLC published a report that has compiled all the winning numbers of said lottery for the last five years. In the report in question, the company was able to count even the most difficult facts, such as how many times each of the thirty-six numbers was drawn in each of the five positions mentioned on the winning ticket. Apart from this, he was also able to identify the number of times a particular combination of two, three or four digits was repeated and how often.

Based on these facts, certain ways can be easily drafted by which a winning lottery ticket can be designed. For example, playing Odd 3 2 Even or Odd 2 3 Pair in any combination is always welcome, as this combination has hit the bull’s eye over 61% of the time in the last five years. Another very hot variation that can be used is the low and high numbers (ie 2 low numbers (between 1-18) and 3 high numbers (between 19-36) or vice versa 2 high numbers and 3 low numbers). This particular combination boasts of a 67% success rate over the last five years. Some of the process bans are also interesting and need to be noted: not playing 5 number combinations that were “hit” quite a bit earlier in the last 5 years. Similarly, using the same 4-digit number combinations should also be avoided. Also, the theory of consecutive numbers is not applicable to the Florida Fantasy 5 lottery.

The all odd or even number trick is also unreliable as most of the time the success rate drops and this is also evident from the logs indicating a 97% loss rate. In addition to this, the combination of all low numbers or all high numbers has also not been very successful historically (ie the number on the card). One thing is for sure, if you play with concentration and thought, you just might be able to win.

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