Being part of any club’s points can be very advantageous if you are right for them, but once you are a member of a club, one of the first questions you have to ask is: “Where do I spend my points?” Depending on how much you have purchased, you may have enough for more than a week during the year, so you may be looking for the best way to get a lot of your points. France is one of the first countries in DRI points, in addition to Spain, England, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands; Here is a short guide to the Diamond International Resorts in France:

The Residence Normande

Residence Normande is located in the heart of a wooded park 120 km from Paris. This idyllic setting is home to 14 units and offers guests a peaceful stay in this wonderful part of France.

The park itself has a heated outdoor pool and a selection of small rowboats for when the need to explore La Residence Normande’s waterways takes hold. Stepping out of the park and you will soon find yourself in Monet’s garden in Givern, also in the local area you will find Rouen, home to the Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the best known buildings in the city.

The mansion of the two lovers

Le Manoir Des Deux Amants occupies some of the most impressive landscapes in the heart of Normandy. Presiding over the River Seine, you will have the privileged place to watch the world go by over the waters.

Just an hour’s drive from Paris and perfectly located for exploring Normandy, Le Manoir Des Deux Amants is unique in its proximity to the sights of France, while being away from it all at the same time. But what the Resort really excels at is providing a relaxing and peaceful stay, whether it’s lounging by the pool, walking along the river, or fishing.

The Mougins club

Le Club Mougins is located near the village of Mougins, a medieval setting in southern France. The immediate surroundings of the resort have a feeling of resounding peace, just a 10 minute drive takes you to Cannes, a legendary place for the rich and famous and one of the most prestigious places in the South of France.

An hour from Le Club Mougins you will find the southern French Alps and the many ski resorts scattered along the slopes. In the right season, you’ll be within easy reach of some of the best skiing in Europe. Although you may not be in a rush to leave the complex with the outdoor pool, tennis, golf, gym, and sauna located on-site.

Royal regency

Royal Receny is the closest Diamond Resorts International resort to Paris, the city of love. The location of Vincennes, a residential area on the outskirts of the city, means that you have easy access to the city’s shops and attractions, but also within reach of the kid’s favorite Euro Disney.

The Royal Regency complex is made up of two different buildings surrounded by lush gardens; the interiors are modern and include all modern conveniences, while also including all the luxury you would expect from a Diamond Resort. So whether you are planning to enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Le Bois De Vincennes or sample the wonders of the city, you are in the best place.

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