From sports cars to spy cameras, from power tools to wireless electrical gadgets, men love technology. Most men have at least one high-tech obsession. It could be the latest gas grilling equipment, a state of the art fly rod, the newest graphite golf clubs, computers, electronics, the list goes on and on. It’s obvious that guys love gadgets, but why? These are just some of the possible reasons.

The “Wow” factor. Let’s face it: a shiny new tech toy is great. From the latest plasma screen televisions to sleek and slim mobile phones, a beautifully designed machine is sure to capture a man’s attention. Many gadgets are designed to maximize coolness appeal: electronic card shufflers for the card shark in your family; stylish MP3 players and mobile phones that look good around town; computer speakers that look like contemporary sculptures. The “wow” factor is elusive, and it’s usually a combination of style and function.

It’s about status. High technology is a status symbol. And even those of us who insist we don’t care about those things secretly get a thrill from owning the latest and greatest. Those gadgets cost money and send a signal that the owner has it to spare. They also give the impression that the owner is educated, fashionable and connected. Most social species have ways of determining status among their members, and humans are one of the most complex social species in the world. Techno-gadgets are just one way guys can show their status among their peers.

They make kids feel like kids again. Most guys start their love affair with gadgets at a young age. Young children love remote control cars, video games, kid-friendly tools, and more. A new gadget can make a kid feel like a kid again. Playing with high-tech toys is something that never changes. It’s absorbing, fascinating and fun, just like when I was a kid. Most kids get just as excited when they get a gadget for Christmas now as they did when they were much younger. No wonder gadget gifts are a quick and easy way to win a man’s heart.

Believe it or not, they are practical. Gadgets let you do things you couldn’t do otherwise. A state-of-the-art laptop can let you do everything from recording your own music to starting your own e-commerce business. A feature-packed cell phone lets you check your email, play your favorite music, even download a movie or TV show, plus keep in touch with your friends. A well-made power tool allows you to build anything from furniture to sailboats to motorcycles from scratch. Kids love gadgets because they not only make our lives easier, but they make impossible achievements commonplace.

entertainment value. Technology not only improves our lives, it also makes things more fun. Entertainment technology has come a long way in recent decades, from early radio and television to cutting-edge plasma screens, video games with stunning graphics, and more. No matter what you like to do for entertainment, technology takes fun to a whole new level. And it’s everywhere in our culture: almost everyone has a television, a radio, a CD collection, a computer, and many other gadgets. Today, even our simplest and most familiar toys have received a technological overhaul: the dolls walk and talk; teddy bears play songs and tell stories; and the toy cars are remote controlled.

The cutting edge is addictive. Once you get into tech toys, it’s hard to stop. You get excited when you see the newest model on the market. You read about new features, look at reviews, compare prices until the price drops, and then jump to the best deal. If you love gadgets, it’s hard not to keep up with the latest trends. No matter the type of tool, the technology industry is making new developments every year. This year’s gadgets have more to offer than last year’s, and next year’s tech toys are sure to make this year’s look like stone tools. When you’re into technology, it’s hard not to keep up with the latest trends.

It’s not just men who love gadgets. Women are also getting involved. In fact, the sleek, graceful lines of today’s technology, from slim plasma screen TVs to sleek cell phones and MP3 players, are likely designed to appeal to both women and men. Technological advances have made it possible for us to do things our ancestors never dreamed of. With everything we can do with devices, it’s hard not to love them, no matter who you are.

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