Gas prices are still, shall we say, “flexible”!

They seem to vary almost daily, up, down, and up again. And many of the old ways of judging whether they’ll go up (upcoming vacations, for example) are slowly being replaced by constant questions about how much you’ll pay today.

Listen to the news, and experts agree that we will never go back to “the good old days” of low gas prices, and even as most areas of the country have seen prices drop from around $4.00 a gallon to $2.75 more reasonable – we all know the days of $1.50/gallon are gone and will never return.

Many people, once stuck in their gas-guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks, have moved to more fuel-efficient cars. And while this can help, there are always ways you can get the most miles possible from your vehicle and save the most of YOUR money.

Here are some top tips on how to save money on gas!

Tip #1 – Get it for half price

This is the most exciting of the options.

A new company, just launched, offers a membership-type program that provides rebates on your monthly gas costs!

We’re all familiar with membership clubs like Costco, right? You pay a membership fee and purchase products and services at a deep discount.

This works the same way. For a $10/month membership fee, you are entitled to purchase your gas as you normally would. Then, you submit a monthly statement with your receipts, and 50% of your costs are reimbursed!

Tip #2 – Use the correct oil

Check your owner’s manual, and when you change your oil, insist that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

That’s good for a 1-2% improvement, says so!

Tip #3 – Eliminate the Phat!

I’m terribly careless about this. I tend to use my car as an alternative storage place: books, shoes, sports equipment and the list goes on.

Do you want proof? An extra 100 pounds on your car can cut your mileage by up to 2%!

So clean the car and take it seriously.

(And if you’re like me, losing weight wouldn’t hurt either!)

Tip #4 – Cleaner air for everyone!

Proper maintenance goes a long way! Do you want proof?

Replacing a neglected air filter that has become clogged and dirty can improve gas mileage by up to 10%!

Tip #5 – Go slow, go fast.

Accelerate slowly from a stop and look farther down the road.

Do your best to avoid stop-start situations! If you can slow down a bit and slide to avoid having to stop and then speed up again, you can increase your city mileage by about 5%.

Funny thing is, it’s even MORE effective on the interstate. Aggressive driving, weaving, slowing down at full throttle to pass can reduce highway mileage by 33%!

Set a speed, plan ahead, drive safely and keep it steady (using cruise control sometimes helps!) and watch your gas mileage increase!

Tip #6 – Tire Pressure

Check your tires and keep them inflated to the recommended psi on the sidewall.

You can improve your mileage by about 3.3% just by doing this!

Tip #7 – Don’t sit around doing nothing

Idling gives you ZERO (0) MPG.

If you’re idling on a high beam, turn off the car.

No, you won’t waste any more energy than if you just sat there.

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