The chihuahua beagle mix, sometimes called “Cheagle”, is a very brave and dignified dog. Like a chihuahua, he thinks he can take on anything and sometimes he behaves like he’s ready to take down a bulldog. Jealous and protective of his loved ones, he loves and requires a lot of attention. These dogs tend to be big barkers. The quality of your bark will depend on whether you inherited the bark from Chi or the Beagle Bay. They are small and can be fragile like Chi or more resistant. Expect them to be loving, stubborn, and opinionated. Chihuahuas are intolerant of teasing, so they are not good companions for children; Beagles are calm and much more tolerant. Cheagles can inherit a trait or a mix, so it’s safe to assume they’re not kid-friendly until proven otherwise.

They are usually small, although not as small as Chi, obviously. Expect the dog to grow between 9 and 20 pounds.

Like the Beagles, the Cheagles enjoy daily walks and exercise, and they like to run. Their portable size makes them reliable travel companions. I hope your animal inherits the intelligence of the Chihuahua; Beagles are extremely sweet, but they have bloodhound brains, they all hunt and smell things, and they don’t think much. If your Cheagle gets the Chi brain, it will be much easier to train.

Care: They need you to provide them with their basic needs, firm discipline, and affection, in that order.

Ï Take care of a Cheagle as you would a Chihuahua in terms of keeping him warm. Always choose good quality food (read the labels, not just the brand or price) and provide clean water. Get vaccinations, boosters, and flea and worm control. Crossing generally removes the genetic weaknesses that thoroughbreds are prone to. Since both breeds show a higher than normal incidence of glaucoma, epilepsy, tracheal collapse, and patella problems, keep an eye out for these.

Ï Train them smoothly, firmly, early and consistently. Don’t let them develop annoying clothes; they won’t understand later when people don’t want to spend time with them. Let them know what you expect and keep enforcing the rules and rewarding good behavior. Like a child, a dog wants to be sure of knowing what will happen and what it is supposed to do and not do.

Ï They love love. They will hide under the covers, sleep on your lap, and follow you around the house. Do not get this pet if you are away from home without it for 5 or 6 long days a week. They want company, attention, and interaction, and they’ll find ways to have fun if no one else is available to play …

Many people report that their Cheagle has the loving personality and aggressive loyalty that breeds share. Take care when supervising your dog when guests, especially children, or when introducing other animals. Like any dog, the Cheagle is happiest when it spends a lot of time with its people.

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