Pendant lighting is always a good option in a home. Whether you use pendant lamps as an alternative to a traditional chandelier in the entryway or above the dining room, or as lighting in a bedroom, home office, or play area, pendant lamps are one of the most versatile lighting options you can. to choose.

Of course, there are literally thousands of pendants to choose from on the market, from traditional designs to those that truly double as works of art in the home. Glass pendant lights are particularly popular, in large part because they offer homeowners a combination of traditional and modern design elements that are both classic and timeless.

Depending on your design, glass pendant lights can fit perfectly into a rustic, country-inspired home or a modernist home filled with contemporary furnishings. This is partly because glass is an ideal material for making lamps, as it has an organic and natural quality that can take on chameleon qualities.

Glass pendant lights emit more light than a fabric shade counterpart. The light can be further modified by the color of the glass used in the lamp. Some glass lights come with opaque or transparent shades that will control the direction of the light. But others are clear, allowing the light to shine through, increasing the beauty and effectiveness of the lights.

One of the best things about glass pendants is that they can be both artistic and functional. If you are a fan of Dale Chihuly, you can buy brightly colored lamps or lamps that look like flowers or other sculptural shapes that will work wonderfully in a hallway or staircase. In fact, you can get glass pendant lights that are specifically made as works of art – bold pieces that add splendor and a cascade of light to a living space.

Glass pendants are especially well suited to a kitchen. Here you can use them on the kitchen island or get mini pendants that are placed on the countertops. These mini pendants also work well in a home office or over the bed in the master bedroom.

If you have kids, you may want to add pendants over your play area. This will save you quite a bit of money on your energy bill, as your kids can simply turn on the light where they are playing, instead of turning on the main room light, which can use more electricity.

If you are placing them in the play area, you may want to go for acrylic lights instead of glass pendant lights. As any parent knows, kids can be quite boisterous and the lights inevitably end up getting in the way of a wandering soccer ball or flying Barbie. Better to play it safe and get an unbreakable light.

Blown glass pendants are more popular than ever these days. With the appearance of being made by a craftsman, they have small imperfections like bubbles on the surface, which gives them a handmade appearance. Others have been blown to have a stained glass effect, being a mixture of several different colors or shades of the same color. As such, no two are exactly alike, so combining them adds even more visual interest to the space. In fact, it’s hard for your home visitors not to be wowed by accessories, given their slight imperfections and ever-changing shapes when they hang over a living space.

Pendants, especially glass pendants, are a great addition to any home. Not only do they add the perfect amount of light to the space you are trying to illuminate, they add a touch of elegance and old world charm that few other lights can. They clearly show that our love for glass endures, even in the 21st century.

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