Christmas is fast approaching, in fact, it’s next week if you’ve been to a Walmart lately. Which makes me think about what to get the kids…no need to think…they know what they want. Better start saving now. And not only that…

Can you remember the anticipation of Christmas when you were a child? What do I want Santa to bring me this year? I’ve been a good boy! I saw him at the mall, he asked me what he wanted and I told him! I even wrote a letter addressed to the “North Pole”! Now I know that he will bring me the most special gift!

On Christmas Eve you wait all night waiting for Santa’s sleigh, setting out the milk and cookies, waiting for Santa to slide down the chimney and fulfill all your Christmas wishes.

Oh, it’s Christmas morning and the presents are under the tree! look! Holy camera! She even drank the milk and ate some cookies! As you inspect the presents under the tree, you’ll notice that Santa Claus has personally signed each package. What a lucky boy! Finally, it’s time for the “big one.” “Is this?” you ask. “Santa brought me the gift she wanted most in the whole wide world?”

Yeah!!! It’s just what I told you I wanted! Thanks Santa!!!

Oh yeah, thanks mom and dad… for the underwear… and the socks…

Fast forward. I am now the father. The tables have turned and my kids are the ones asking Santa to fulfill his wildest Christmas fantasy.

Have you seen how much a PSP costs??? I’ll tell you right now, Santa can kiss my ass. That slacker who shows up once a year isn’t getting credit for the “big one” this time. I keep the praise this year. Parents have been bombing the corner for years so Santa can be the hero.

364 days a year Santa wants nothing to do with my kids. Where was he when Billy got into trouble at school… or Susie threw a tantrum at the store? Where were you then, good old St. Nick?

It does not mean that Santa does not come, if you want to believe in him, so be it. I will not fully reign in his parade. Santa is more than welcome to sign his name on socks and underwear this year.

Thanks mom and dad!

PS Sorry, the milk was sour.

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