Marriage is something that has been practiced around the world for centuries. Marriage in the Middle East seems so strange compared to a marriage in the western world, it can somehow be wrong. We all know the classic exercise, a girl meets a boy and starts hanging out, hanging out then becomes a date and then a date becomes an engagement and finally the engagement turns into a marriage. A marriage in the Middle East is actually the opposite, a child makes the decision to marry so his mother looks for a wife for him, once they find the bride, they immediately propose to her after only an hour of conversation . After the proposal they both start to go out, go out to dinner and spend time in public, after the proposal comes the wedding and everyone lives happily ever after. Yes, this is how marriage stories are supposed to represent, but why doesn’t the Middle Eastern woman ask herself “why doesn’t marriage work?” You may be wondering that, but do you really take the time to find the answer?

The main problem with failed marriages in the Middle East is not knowing each other well enough before being sentenced for life.

The marriage is generally successful before the royal wedding, that is because it does not feel forced, there is no contract, there is no signature or cohabitation. You have the complete freedom to do what you want and leave when you see if things are not right, as soon as the contract is mentioned and once you start living together as a married couple, the feeling of being locked up arises. . You may find yourself fighting over a messy bathroom or if your man leaves his underwear on the floor or is not listening to you. Yes, men live in a completely different way when they are alone, as for a woman, women live clean and organized lives, I should not dare to generalize to women, but compared to most men, women are very much more together. The main question arises “How can I live with another man?”

The answer is to talk to him instead of cleaning up after him. You should always view your man as your son, it may seem strange but it actually works once you try it. If you clean up after him, you’re giving him the impression that if he keeps leaving his pants or socks on the floor, you’ll be there to pick him up. Don’t let him think you’re there to pick him up, talk to him and tell him you’re not going to do his cleaning because the last time you checked you didn’t sign up to be a cleaner. Some women may still think, “but there are requirements to become a wife …” Yes, but are there requirements to become a husband?

Communication is key when it comes to marriage, letting your man know what kind of woman you are is the foundation of your long life together. Let’s imagine that you never tell your man how you feel or how you are, imagine picking up his clothes, washing the bathroom after him for the rest of your days living together as a married couple, not the most pleasant sight. Always remember that communication is key!

For a woman raised in the western world, say in the United States, this article may be an easy task or you may not need any of these tips because you really would have met your husband before marriage and decided if he was the right guy for you. live and share life.

With a Middle Eastern woman, telling her to contact her husband about her not wanting to pick up after him sounds like a death wish.

With the modern world beginning before our eyes with technology, we see that technology is not the only thing that is advancing, marriage is too. Fortunately, younger women in the Middle East have an advantage, modern men are more open to their wives and accept their opinions, unlike previous generations. This means that talking to your husband will be much easier.

Now you may ask, “How can I find the right time and tone to talk to my husband about something I’m not comfortable with?”

There are so many ways you can get your husband involved before talking to him about your problems, going out for coffee is the quintessential place for a nice chat, coffee, going to the nearest Starbucks, and getting involved. Maybe some couples want a quieter approach, a local library, or a park – those are all places to be when you’re ready to tell them. Now comes the question of tone. Start by showing him that you are not afraid or shy, show confidence in your speech and body language, let him know that you are not angry. Men tend to back off or lose interest in their wives as soon as they see that she is angry or upset about something.

While talking to him, get straight to the point, don’t go up or down, left to right, just get to the point and you’re sure to get his attention.

You are now all set and have your tools ready and now is the time to get to work.

Let’s use the example of cleaning up after your man as an example for your problem, and then you tell him how it makes you feel dissatisfied because once a man thinks he has his wife ‘in the bag’ he will surely pay full attention to what. you have to say.

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