Hit the gym to get in shape in those wide leg workout pants and cotton college tee? Nah girl! Let the fashionista that you are, speak out loud in the gym too. Keeping it simple and stylish is what we want for you. The gym is a place where your silhouette is displayed, and a good sports top for women is the best way to be comfortable and optimistic at the same time.

Let’s start with the colors and prints for 2018. Shades of pink, gray, black, blue, green and neon are the highlight colors of 2018. Abstract prints, graphics, slogans, branding and bright textures are also in the hits of 2018. We should all aim for a fresh, unique and sexy appearance while achieving all of our health goals. Here are some styles of sportswear that you can rock to the gym this spring season and look impeccably stylish:

1. The classic and simple gym look

A white T-shirt, gray stretch leggings, with gray or black joggers, and a hooded anorak is the most classic spring look you can rock. It keeps you safe from the winds and unexpected spring rains too.

2. The neutral gaze

A navy blue women’s sports bra, with gray or navy sweatpants, and pastel blue sneakers is another elegant yet simple gym style to flaunt this spring season. If you’re going to hit the streets before hitting the gym with this look, I suggest you add a navy and white striped high-neck long-sleeved top.

3. The Happy Abstract Prints

Abstract print leggings paired with a contrasting basic women’s sports bra is the happiest gym fashions yet. To complete the look, add a sleeveless white hoodie and red joggers. Trust me, this look is a head turn!

4. The glossy look in black and blue

Black gym pants and crop tops, with a hint of bright blue sneakers and a basic gray hoodie is another basic but attractive gym look.

5. The Spring Sunnies!

Add a touch of freshness to your gym clothes! Try on a sports bra, sports shorts with a hint of light blue. Add a pale neon yellow tee to update this solid color outfit. Rule spring in color!

6. All white!

Rock an all-white look with a dash of bright neon accessories. Maybe add neon-toned sneakers or a neon-colored wristwatch. The jump rope or yoga mat can also add more color to them together.

7. The dark theme!

Black leggings with a hot pink or purple fitted top and a dark gray hoodie is a perfect look for those who like to keep it dark and mystical.

Try these gym clothing trends this spring and head to your fitness sessions in style. Turn those heads as you walk the streets in your stylish sports gear. Update your wardrobe today and join the league of trendsetters!

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