The Thera-Plex Passive Exercise Unit is a passive/resistance exercise unit designed to increase circulation to all parts of the body while improving muscle tone and breaking down unwanted fat. It is basically an easy exercise. It really is!

The Thera-Plex passive exercise unit uses stimulated circulation to transport toxins and impurities, once broken down during treatments, out of the body, firming and toning the skin around the muscle without the impurities. In simple terms: all you do is lean back on the unit and it “shakes” the fat off your body.

One of the greatest assets of the passive exercise unit is that it can fit into everyone’s schedule. A minimum of three thirty minute treatments (or 90 minutes total) each week is needed to achieve desired results. Of course, the more treatments taken per week, up to one hour per day maximum, the faster the results will come.

When used in conjunction with a sensible diet, a minimum of three (1/2 hour) treatments per week can produce a weight loss of four to six pounds per month. It is very common to find clients losing 3lbs and 6-8 inches every two weeks!

Some people use the unit for medical reasons. It’s a great exercise for those who are totally paralyzed and even for those who have been in car accidents. This is usually the type of exercise one would do after they have finished their physical therapy. The unit has been shown to relieve pain, sometimes even cure paralysis. You see, the unit runs on speed and a customer suffering from injury or pain can start at speed 2-3 and work up to higher speeds later down the line.

The unit uses five exercise positions designed to stimulate the entire circulatory system in sequential order, starting with the upper body and working through the entire body, using undulation (a type of gentle vibration), not potentially harmful vibration. The unit offers gentle cardiovascular stimulation and conditioning while firming and toning the entire body, resulting in a loss of inches.

The unit is individually programmed to each person’s needs so that each person can put more emphasis on problem areas, allowing them to lose where they need to lose: those little problem areas we all have!

Since the treatments are passive in concept, most people do not usually sweat and do not get fatigued from taking their treatments each week. In fact, most people find the treatments relaxing and invigorating at the same time. The rest cycle is the stretch cycle where you slow down a bit to get used to getting back on your feet, sort of like you would do in a “cool down” after an exercise class.

This is really an easy exercise!

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