What Parents Need to Know About the Dark Web

The dark web is a part of the online world that is not conventionally accessible. Different types of software and computer skills are needed to access the content in this space. As a parent, nothing can be more important than monitoring your child's internet access and tracking their activities. However, it is easy for children in the modern digital age

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Facebook as a communication tool for community organizations

Small community organizations, such as parent committees, book clubs, sports associations, or service groups, struggle to communicate effectively with their members and the communities around them. Limited resources make the costs of newspapers or other forms of print marketing restrictive. Telephone communication can be cumbersome and time consuming. Meetings may be poorly attended or ineffective. The rise of social networks

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Federal Rules to Promote Green Cars

Stronger federal rules will promote vehicles that will be 40% more fuel efficient by 2016. These national standards will bring the US in line with other countries that are already making fuel efficient cars. Starting in 2012, automakers will have achieved fuel efficiency for their products that ranges from 37.8 mpg for passenger cars to 28.8 mpg for pickup trucks,

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Digital Marketing

How to get a good page rank on Google?

All companies and service providers, with an online presence, want to have a high Page Rank in Google, for obvious reasons. But is getting high results on the search engine ranking page (SERP) a piece of cake? Not! If that had been the case, all of the company's websites and web pages would have been on the first page of

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Do you think Somaly Mam?

Every story has at least three or four sides, with different versions and stories.As Somaly Mam tries to rebuild her foundation in Cambodia, it's time to hear another voice, that of her ex-husband, Pierre Legros. He was a co-founder of Acting for Women in Distressing Situations (AFESIP) in 1996 and a former director of AFESIP International.Mam and Legros were together

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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2013 Review

"HHN strikes again with one of their best performances in years" Returning to 8 houses and streets full of zombies, Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2013 has an impact that has been lacking in recent years. Last year was pretty mediocre, and I won't even get into how horrible the Bill & Ted show was. This year got off to a

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Health Fitness

Myths about burning belly fat

1. Myth about burning belly fat: Exercising makes you hungry, so you eat moreThe fact is:Don't believe this myth or you'll start skipping a workout here and there. The truth is, exercising actually suppresses your appetite. If you're wondering the truth of this statement, it could be because your post-workout thirst mimics hunger (when you're dehydrated), which is why you

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Lifestyle Fashion

"The Ultimate Cheeseless Cookbook" – Innovative, healthy and delicious recipes from plant ingredients

Joe Stepaniak's "Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook" was one of the first cookbooks I bought after deciding to go vegan 3 years ago. For those unfamiliar with the term "no cheese," Stepaniak uses it to describe rich-tasting spreads, dips, sauces, and blocks made with dairy-free whole foods (primarily beans, nuts, or grains).Cheese lovers be warned: you may be disappointed if you expect

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