The woman is daughter, sister and wife but, above all, she plays the role of Mother. One day would never be enough to let her know how special she is, but it doesn’t hurt to celebrate a day when we can all tell our mothers that we owe them our lives. Although we deny listening to her advice most of the time, we know that a mother knows best. From our first word to our first friend, from our first teeth to our first fall, our mothers have been the most integral part of the journey. A mother would know when her child is in pain and when she is hungry, and there can be no better cure than sleeping on her lap. She is the first teacher of our life and the only one who never punished us for bad actions but she taught us the lesson, good or bad.

I trust her not only during my needs but throughout the whirlwind of my life because there is no better guide than her. A person’s childhood sows seeds so that we become adults and our mothers play the most important role in shaping a beautiful garden. I can never be grateful enough to my mother for every little thing she has done for me, but I can regret all those times that I have not valued her words. There are times when we consider ourselves adults and neglect our mother’s advice, but with every wrong decision I have made in my life, I have realized the importance of her words. Dedicate all of your days to your mother but on her mother’s day, let’s just make her feel more special because, with every step we take, she is ten steps ahead of us.

The celebration began in the United States in the early 20th century. He was first eminent in 1908 at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, in memory of Anna Jarvis’s mother. This place consists of the International Mother’s Day shrine today. Anna’s goal was to honor her mother and she continued her work as an activist for the wounded soldiers of the civil war. She wanted to mark a day in honor of all mothers. She was successful in founding Mother’s Day, but it was not considered an official holiday since the United States Congress had rejected the proposal. In recent times, most countries celebrate the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

With modernization, the celebration of Mother’s Day has gained great popularity. In our busy schedule, we have very little time to spend with our family. Therefore, we use these occasions as an opportunity to let them know that we care. A simple act of love and care is enough to make our moms feel special. A mother is the backbone of the family and she gives all her time and life to create a beautiful family but she never demands anything in return except our happiness. But a show of love on a special occasion never hurts.

Gifts are the most vital part of every celebration and with the growing demand for different and unique gifts, the market for creative items has grown to a greater extent. There are a variety of Mother’s Day gift ideas and unique items available that can make her feel special. In addition to the common idea of ​​handmade cards, there are many options available in the gift industry.

Some of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas can be stationery like coffee mugs with a picture of you and your mom, a pen with scrawled words like ‘world’s best mom’, handmade items chocolates or a photo frame. If you have a passion for baking, cooking or baking items would be a great idea. Jewelry is a woman’s most prized possession and gifting her a beautiful ring or necklace on this special occasion would definitely make her happy.

If you add more from the list, you can gift designer candles or personalized wine bottles. If he loves to cook, buy him some state-of-the-art cookware and tableware. You have many options depending on your mother’s choice. These are some of the stationery ideas to give to mothers on Mother’s Day. You can also buy her dresses or shoes and surprise her. Aside from stationery gift items, you can also surprise her by cooking her a Mother’s Day meal or baking a cake for her yourself. It takes very little effort to make your mother happy because she has the least demands in the world and her children are a Mother’s most precious possession.

All her life, she prioritizes her children and her family. In our busy daily schedule, it is not possible to give our moms enough time, but at least one day in the year, we can do something to make her feel special and tell her how important she is. If not every day, then on this day we can tell her that we owe it all to her because without our mothers we would have been nowhere and without her dedication and love from her, we would never have become a better person. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity and tell our Moms that not only today but every day of our lives is Mother’s Day.

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