Bamboo flooring is beautiful and will last for many, many years with proper cleaning and maintenance. New bamboo flooring owners may not realize that the recommended cleaning for bamboo flooring is different than that recommended for other hardwood floors, Mr. Clean is no longer a welcome guest in the house.

Bamboo floor cleaning does not require harsh chemicals, in fact bamboo does not react well to any chemicals. All that is needed to clean bamboo is a broom, soft-head vacuum, or mop. The soft touch is a must when cleaning natural bamboo floors.

A damp mop can be used if necessary for periodic cleaning. If there are spills, they should be removed immediately and, if necessary, use a damp mop to remove any residue. The main point is that the mop is damp, not wet.

Natural bamboo flooring should not be exposed to moisture or water for long periods of time. If a damp mop is used for periodic cleaning, re-dry mop the floor to ensure all moisture is removed. Never use any type of abrasive agent to remove stains, as the finish may be damaged in the process. If a cleaner is necessary to remove tough stains, it should be a non-alkaline cleaner and definitely not a wax.

If a cleaning product is needed, it’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer to see which one they recommend. The preferred method is a damp mop and nothing else. However, if a product is recommended by professionals, be sure to distribute it evenly on the floor, do not allow it to build up, and remove it from the floor as quickly as possible.

Floor waxes will destroy the finish of the bamboo floor, so avoid them at all costs. A dust map will help give the floor a lustrous shine.


Instead of trying to find methods to clean the bamboo floor, plan a strategy to prevent as much dirt from getting on the floor as possible.

Doormats and rugs in high-traffic areas are an ideal way to keep the outdoors outside. These can be used in hallways, in front of doors, and in the middle of the floor in family rooms.

In addition to floor coverings, felt placed on the underside of furniture will help prevent the floor from being scratched and damaged when moved. There are pre-cut furniture protectors or the felt can simply be cut to fit the furniture legs.

Maintaining bamboo floors doesn’t require the strength of Mr. Clean, it only takes a few minutes to dust daily to prevent build-up and remove spills when they happen to prevent moisture from penetrating the floor.

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