First, what exactly are lipotropics?

They are substances that help dissolve or break down fat so that it can be eliminated from your body through its waste.

How do lipotropic injections help you get rid of fat?

They stimulate the creation of lecithin in your liver. This helps make the cholesterol in your body more liquid and this lowers the cholesterol in your blood.

They prevent the accumulation of fats in the liver. If your liver is fatty, your liver function will be slow and so will your metabolism.

They increase your immunity to disease by causing the production of antibodies that eat viruses and infections.

Individual lipotropics like choline, inositol, and methionine help metabolize fat, reduce liver fat, and help protect the kidneys.

But let’s get to the important question you may be wondering about …

Do lipotropic injections help you lose weight effectively?

I did an experiment because I wanted to boost my metabolism and lose a few stubborn pounds.

I had read numerous positive testimonials from successful dieters who had used lipotropics to gain the upper hand in losing weight.

So I started with the injections.

I followed a healthy diet where I simply restricted my calories, nothing fancy. I eat what I want, as long as I stay within my caloric allowance for the day. I try to eat healthy foods every day … but I don’t always succeed. In general, I follow my eating plan and write down everything I eat every day.

So after getting the shots for 6 weeks and eating a healthy diet, I lost quite a bit of weight.

We are talking about a loss of more than 15 pounds!

And these were those pesky pounds that I couldn’t get rid of before, you know, those last few pounds that stick like crazy glue to your body and I don’t want to let go.

Let me tell you that I have been dieting in the past and the difference with these injections was huge!

1 – I have more energy after receiving a B12 and lipotropic injection.

I love the extra energy I get. It improves my mood and gives me the extra push I need to do my exercise workouts several times a week.

2- I see a greater weight loss on the scale.

Consistent weight loss encourages me to continue my healthy diet and follow this plan. It’s a huge motivational boost to have the added help of lipotropics in my battle for weight loss.

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