If kitchen utensils are the machine that produces dinner, then the organization would be the framework on which the machine sits. Any good cook or chef realizes that in order to prepare meals, all the equipment or her equipment must be easily accessible, or at least easy to find. There’s nothing worse than after mixing the ingredients, you need to search through cabinets full of cookware to find the pan you need. Some simple and inexpensive tools can be used in your kitchen to lessen these ‘oh no’ moments.

Storing cookware in cabinets works great since most people have cabinets in their kitchen, but if you use nonstick pans, stacking them can create scratches that shorten the life of your cookware. If you are going to stack your nonstick pans, be sure to place a lint-free cloth between the pans to eliminate or at least reduce streaks. Silicone “hot pads” on the market can act as padding and help reduce scratches. The best way, and many great chefs would agree, to store your cookware is to hang it above or near your kitchen work area. This also saves space and works well in small, crowded apartments.

Classicor makes excellent pot racks in wrought iron, which means it’s strong and durable. Not to mention that it is capable of supporting a lot of weight. The set includes an oval frame that measures 33 inches wide by 17 inches long by 1.5 inches tall. Hang all your planters with the included 12 hooks and 4 “S” hooks. The set also includes the ceiling hooks and chains for them; While installing the pot rack, make sure the support hooks are inserted into the ceiling studs, as 12 pots will normally pull a lot on the rack. You don’t want all your kitchen utensils falling on you in the cooking process.

This rack can be used for any type of cookware, pot, pan or utensil; don’t think you should only use it for pots and pans. Use it to store your favorite or frequently used silicone spatula or whisk for easy access during prep. The pot rack has a sturdy center display to allow for even more pots to be stored or to balance the rack if you have a large number of heavy cookware. Hang your cast iron cookware in the center of the rack and if you plan to use the Classicor pot rack efficiently for cast iron, reinforce the hooks in the ceiling. Your local hardware store will have what you need.

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