Thinking is a powerful faculty of the human mind. Education is a powerful tool for progress. We live in an age where education has become a stressful area of ​​life for both children and parents. The need to excel and be victorious is the goal of all parents as much as it is for the child. The competitive spirit is far exceeding the limits of stamina and good sense, as more and more children feel stressed and failed if they do not get “high” grades, while the benchmark for “high grades” “continues to increase.

Even the best CBSE school or a top international school is primarily measured by the criteria of your academic performance, or in other words, through ranks and such systems. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact, this is the mark of how good the educational institution is as an option. But the method in which education is delivered and the systems that are implemented differ within each group of so-called acclaimed institutions. What distinguishes the healthy way of learning are the factors that stand out during education.

Preschool education is often ignored or treated simply as school play learning. But it is the basic and building block of student interaction with learning and is therefore of immense importance. If you look at the best matriculation school in Chennai or an upper secondary school in Mumbai or any other competent school within the city, the learning curriculum may be similar or the same. Developing a human attitude and instilling in the child’s mind about education as a necessity and an interesting means for personal development is the point of the true success of a school.

While most schools are unsuccessful, even if they do so on the obvious and superficial levels, sadly there are only a few that really have an impact in encouraging children towards a stress-free education and making education interesting for them. they. Only the best teachers can truly “train the mind to think.” We all have good and bad things to say about the education system. But we don’t take steps to improve good things and turn bad things into good things. Most of the economic progress can be attributed to education. The awareness created by education enables the analysis and utilization of better opportunities. Good investments are also the result of smart learning. Therefore, it is the oil of the wheel of progress.

To curb the trend of a growing number of student suicides and make education interesting for children, they must first be taught to appreciate knowledge and learning as an activity. Children should be treated with respect as growing individuals and not as high-scoring brewing machines. Their unique talents or inclinations towards a healthy and creative aspect of one’s personality should be appreciated and allowed to develop. Only a highly experienced teacher can bring out the best resources in a student and help him identify the strengths and nodes that are lacking. At least 90% of us would agree with the fact that we never found education interesting during our school days, regardless of whether it was 10 or 50 years ago. It was always a role model teacher or a teacher friend who made us realize the value of education and helped us understand the seemingly insurmountable topics. For some of us it might have been math, for some others it might have been science, etc.

Teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world. Making it more noble is the power to teach brotherhood. Education delivery systems, practices, and attitudes can make a significant difference and influence the lives of students. This change can become a radical change in the configuration of tomorrow for the child and the society in which he lives and of which he will continue to be a part. Therefore, it becomes a rather collective social responsibility to make education interesting for children so that they do not stop to ask questions, but also come to the answers themselves, with the right guidance in the right direction.

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