With automation software, you can create, record, and play Windows macros, which automate other software procedures. It could be any work on the PC. Automation software macros can replicate user activity such as mouse clicking, key pressing, and interacting with other windows. It means that almost any job you do on your computer can be mechanized and turned into a macro. Since a macro can copy a user, it can automate any Windows application.

A macro recorder can be used for step automation. Recording a macro is similar to recording a movie. Just click start and do the task. Every mouse click and every keystroke is recorded, and every new window is examined. Once you are done, click Stop and the macro will be generated. You can now run this macro to play the steps exactly as you recorded. You can record any IT work with the help of these programs. Later, if necessary, you can use an editor to edit the work done, include new actions in the job, and use variables to automatically write the script from scratch with the help of GUI automation script helpers.

To evaluate automation software, keep in mind the following points:

Does the software have task log functions?

It is good to select a software with these facilities as it simplifies the job of recording a script and editing it. instead of writing a whole new automation script.

easy to learn

Typically, this type of software has several automation commands and a manual to teach you how to create an automated task. The software should offer simple learning as well as allow wizard-based task creation. Also, find out if it allows you to learn an additional programming language. The software should include powerful yet easy to use wizard-based macro automation commands.

How easily does it allow you to edit a macro or automation script?

Your chosen automation software should include easy-to-edit features. Some of the software requires taking hundreds of steps for an easy script. Can you tell where and what to edit, should the need arise? The script must be easy to read. There isn’t much benefit to having an editing capability that’s so difficult to use that you’d rather re-record that macro. Take a no-fuss test, using the automation software you want to test, record a simple script, log into a web-based email account, and see if you can open the task editor and change the password or do a couple of easy tweaks. Choose any easy script of your choice.

Automation Commands / Macro Commands

Certain automation software offers almost 20 macro automation commands. Others offer hundreds. You need to know what you need automation software for. Except when you need to automate very multifaceted tasks, or need to automate things, software with 20 commands should suffice. But if you are going to have complex tasks, it may be good to consider some programs that offer more than 20 commands.

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