Introduction: The vital importance of information exchange

Proper communication between teammates is of the utmost importance for any company, regardless of its size and nature of business. The exchange of information must take place smoothly and securely to prevent any loss of information and allow important information to reach the intended recipient in a timely manner. This will provide a company with a good work environment where all employees are duly informed and have all the necessary data for the proper performance of their duties. The latter ensures that your company is running well to meet customer expectations and generate more profit.

The power of delegation: deadlines and task management

Deadlines are of great importance to every business, due to a fairly simple rule: if you miss a deadline, you lose money. The ability to assign and track tasks is essential to sharing the workload among employees. A boss has to delegate tasks to the appropriate subordinates to meet a project deadline. At the same time, the boss must maintain full control over the assigned tasks in order to be able to modify them immediately if circumstances change.

Email Headache: the wrong tool for the right target

It should be noted that email is not the best way to support communications within a work team because email is quite slow and inconvenient for exchanging short messages. Instant messaging software like ICQ and AIM also don’t meet teamwork requirements because they can’t control deadlines and don’t support task management. That’s why it’s so easy to get lost in the tone of email correspondence and finally forget an important task hidden in one of those messages. To prevent this from happening, you must use a suitable tool that supports teamwork. Below are several key factors to consider when choosing a team building software.

Comfort: smooth user interface

Often people who talk about teamwork underestimate the importance of an individual’s comfort in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of the efficiency of a team as a whole. Meanwhile, the efficiency of a team can be dramatically increased by increasing the efficiency of each individual team member. A good step to move in this direction is to provide a company with a collaboration tool that is friendly and easy to use. A teamwork solution from CuteReminder Labs is a good example of that approach. Let’s take a closer look at this. There are several pretty revolutionary things inside the box to give you the right working environment. First, there’s the user interface that’s tightly integrated with the Windows desktop, so the program runs in the background and is always at hand, but doesn’t clutter up your desktop. Secondly, the user interface is designed with the main goal of reducing the number of mouse clicks required to operate the program, thus the application saves your efforts while using it. This is very important, as the program is supposed to be used quite intensively. Third, to provide you with a comfortable workplace, the user interface is made smooth, which means that the program is so smooth that it doesn’t distract you even when reminded of it.

Personal Information Management: Be Well Organized

Each team member working on a team must be personally well organized to be a suitable partner to the rest of the team. This means that within the framework of a teamwork solution, team members must be provided with personal information management software to increase their personal efficiency. “Personal” means all matters that do not require any explicit involvement of other employees. An employee, who can successfully work on his personal tasks, can also do group tasks correctly, since he does not have to do emergency work thanks to good personal organization.

History: case tracking

Another important prerequisite for efficient teamwork is the ability to keep track of tasks. You should be able to access the history of any particular task in case any questions arise. This will help you find bottlenecks and investigate what has gone wrong on a case-by-case basis to improve your business model. The ability to drill down into history is very essential to discover intercom issues and helps to find out who was instructed to do something important and hasn’t done it yet. This is extremely important in case you interact with a client and something went wrong on the client side (this of course is out of your control), ultimately leading to a missed deadline or increased cost. In that case, you can always show the client that you have acted correctly, avoid conflict and build customer loyalty.

Installation and Maintenance: Reduce Costs

The downside of a teamwork solution intended for small teams is that it should be low cost, simple, and convenient for your employees. “Low cost” means that you should minimize your expenses regarding the installation and maintenance of a software solution. The software must be flexible and simple enough to eliminate the need to train your staff to use it. Better still, the teamwork solution should be maintenance free. This gives you a good opportunity to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase your return on investment (ROI). A software solution, which does not have cumbersome controls in the user interface, is easy to use. The convenience of the software greatly contributes to the willingness of employees to use it. This personal factor is of vital importance for the successful implementation of a new technology in your company and increase the efficiency of your business.

Example: practical teamwork solution for small teams

Cute Reminder Enterprise Edition is a teamwork solution, giving you the ability to easily manage tasks within a team, communicate with your teammates, and manage personal information. The teamwork solution is a standalone application, which is easy to install and does not require the installation of any server software or Internet connection. You can easily start using the program after a short interactive introduction, which is included in the product. No training required. Cute Reminder’s user interface is fast in adoption and smooth.

Conclusion: measure results

It may seem that it is not easy to measure the results of implementing a collaboration solution in your company. This is, however, a myth. As long as all the key factors remain unchanged (for example, the number of staff members and their qualification, the average number of customers, the number of products/services your company sells, etc.), you can easily determine how much you added a teamwork solution to improvement. of your business Simply compare the following numbers before and after implementing a teaming solution: (1) the number of positive feedback from your customers, (2) the number of customer complaints, (3) the number of employees satisfied and (4) dissatisfied, (5) the average number of customers served by an employee, (6) the number of positive feedback from your partners, (7) the total number of overtime hours spent by your employees, etc. You may find it helpful to hire a marketing/PR company to run customer surveys to gauge your progress. A good teamwork solution can easily give you a 10% improvement in each of these seven multiplicative business factors, meaning the total business efficiency improvement would be 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1 x 1 .1 x 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1 = 1.94 = 194%. So, this is the result indicated in the title of this article.

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