2009 is a great time to introduce new mobile phones to the market, and these reviews will help you get ready to buy your new device. The capabilities available in the new devices this year are nothing short of phenomenal, leaving you completely satisfied with your purchase.

If you don’t know which phone you should buy, or if you’re ready to start looking for the newest phones on the market to change pace, the following reviews will help you make a decision and buy the ideal device. for your needs. Each one will make sure to give you the features you’ll be dying to use.

The long-awaited LG Dare has the honor of the first review. This touch screen cell has a very functional menu that allows you to drag information with the tip of your finger and drop it where you want it to go. This device has a camera that allows you to take quality photos and videos with 3.2 megapixels.

The second cell phone review is for the LG Versa, a device that has wonderfully functional features. It includes a camera and a touch screen with the option to add modules externally, such as a real gamepad controller or a full keyboard. Of these two wireless devices, the LG Versa is the better because it has more capabilities, but neither will disappoint you.

The T-Mobile Sidekick LX review is a versatile handheld cell phone with GPS, 3G and Flash video support. While GPS is a bit fiddly, by using Microsoft Life Search as a way to find your locations, you have access to your favorite social networks, like the always great Twitter and Facebook.

The high-resolution screen makes for excellent viewing, and while 3G isn’t as available as with some other carriers, you’ll enjoy its slim styling. You will fall in love with the design as it is slim and easy to use. This is a popular phone for those people who love to text, so definitely check it out.

The cell phone review for Spring 2009 continues with Sprint’s Sanyo SCP-2700, the Samsung finesse, which is the touch feature phone for Metro PCS, Sprint’s Instinct S30, and AT&T’s Samsung Impression. From full keyboards, improved layouts and features, a variety of colors, and excellent phone quality, your options for spring are as plentiful as the flowers that bloom this time of year. Enjoy your new technology!

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