Hooking up your new home theater system can be one of the most labor-intensive tasks you have ever attempted. All boxes claim that their contents are easy to install and can be done in a short amount of time. Do not listen! If you are not a trained professional and not technically sound, this could be one of the most difficult and confusing endeavors you have ever tried to engage in, and you may very well feel like giving up at some point (very soon). near future. Ask Walt Disney Character Goofy at Goofy Home Theater!

In 2007, Disney released the movie National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. In theaters, before the movie began, there was a six-minute short film titled “How to Connect Your Home Theater” and starring Goofy, as well as the voice of Corey Burton as the narrator. In the animated short, Goofy is sitting in front of his meager 13 “black and white television with bunny ears, in anticipation of the” big game “, he is frustrated that his television is breaking down until he sees that his neighbor is breaking. having fun an installed home theater system.

Prompted by the narrator, Goofy goes out and buys a new system (including a large screen television that appears to be no less than 12 feet tall). Throughout the movie, Goofy tries to install the system himself, as the narrator makes it seem much simpler than it actually is. Goofy faces many of the same issues that occur when setting up his home theater system, such as lots of cables, excessive number of speakers for surround sound sake, having a TV that is probably too big for your room. (or even the house in this case) and of course the overwhelming problem of having a large number of remotes VS a single universal remote that has hundreds of buttons.

Despite Goofy’s many hysterical shortcomings and fun ways to deal with every very real problem that occurs, he’s ultimately able to get what he wants when his mind-blowing home theater system is finally installed (although those spark plugs in the corner) They do not do it). seems so safe). Proof for consumers around the world that despite harsh and irritating instructions and an absurd amount of chords, it is eventually possible to do it on your own. After all, if Goofy can do it, surely you can too, right? Just … don’t go cutting a chunk out of your wall with the chainsaw to make room to reach all the sockets on the back of the TV, okay?

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