Most people have heard of Twitter, but some don’t understand it or don’t know how to use it. Some refer to Twitter as another social networking tool, others consider it a type of chat that can also be used as text messages, and many refer to it as a microblogging site. Regardless of how you choose to classify it, it can be used in a variety of ways and not all of them require a Twitter account. The four ways Twitter can be used are for research, targeting groups of people, as a social network, or for business promotion.

1. Research

Twitter is more than a communication tool, it’s a quick and easy way to find news, get information about books and articles, find subject matter experts, and get the latest trends. Without setting up an account, anyone can use Twitter as a search engine to search for information, search for available jobs, and find something about a news topic. Using Twitter as another search tool is a great way to learn more about it and get potentially useful information at the same time.

two. Private group or community communication.

Think of Twitter as a communication tool to reach a specific audience of followers. City services can use Twitter after setting up an account to quickly communicate messages to your community. Another option is for clubs and associations to use it to communicate upcoming events and chapter news to members. And of course, anyone can set up an account with private Tweets so that only your approved family and friends can see what you choose to communicate. Many Twitter users choose to get brief updates on what’s happening via Tweets, so it can be very helpful if communicated correctly to your intended audience and set up properly.

3. public social network

Of course, most people who go to Twitter do so for the same reason they might join MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social networking site: to meet new people. Being on Twitter is a great way to meet people from all over the world through the short communications you create. After setting up an account and following a few people, consider joining the conversations via direct messages or with the appropriate use of #hash-tags that represent areas of expertise or trending topics. To be found on Twitter, you must set up an account and communicate it through email and other methods. However, the best way to get found on Twitter is to start by following others. Most will follow and some will recommend other accounts that they find interesting. There are many techniques on the web to get Twitter followers. For some options for targeting followers, search an Internet search engine for directories that help you follow on Twitter and get followers.

Four. business promotion

Many companies use Twitter to promote their business. Using Twitter for this purpose requires considering why the business should be on Twitter and what the desired results are from that account. Think about who will follow the Twitter account and what they will want to know. Twitter users are looking for information first and offers second, so businesses need to plan first to give their followers. Twitter users also like to know who they follow, so personalize Twitter by sharing details about what’s happening in the company or share personal experiences with a consultant. Businesses should also consider that they can also get information from Twitter because users don’t just like to get the latest information; they enjoy sharing their opinions and ideas as well. Therefore, businesses should consider soliciting product reviews or conducting short customer surveys via Twitter or with links to the company’s site. After the give and take, the business can start promoting itself, as many Twitter users enjoy being the first to know about new products and services a business may offer or consider adding. For more business promotion ideas, check out different ways to promote a business using Twitter without seeming too pushy.

Business promotion, social media, targeted or private groups, and research are four ways Twitter can be used. With a new understanding of the different ways Twitter can be used, take a look at it and then decide on a preferred use.

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