Have you ever wished that your craft room looked like all those amazing and beautiful ones you see every day on TV or in magazines? Trust me I have it too. I have so many crafting materials that they are slowly taking over the whole room, so I’m afraid they will soon take over my whole house if I don’t do something about it.

Each craft room is unique and is used for different activities, thus requiring different approaches. If you are a sewer, for example, then your biggest problem is probably too many spools of thread, needles, scissors, sequins, and many more tools. If you are an art lover, you might have a collection of brushes, an unknown number of different shades of paints, sketchbooks, etc. which also needs to be stored. However, there is another option. You may be a lover of all crafts. If you love sewing, painting, knitting, and anything else that comes to mind, you definitely need some ideas to make your craft room look neater and more organized.

Most of the ideas that I am going to share with you are cheap and easy to use. Take a look at these ideas and choose the one that best suits your taste.

I had been struggling to find an easy and convenient way to organize and store my craft paints. Like any painter, I wanted to be able to make my choice of color easier, without having to search forever in a box or drawer. So I think I finally found my way!

I bought several PVC pipe fittings (you can also buy a long one that you will have to cut into smaller ones). You will be surprised how cheap they are! Think of a design and roll up your sleeves. Provide a glue, and then glue the pipes with a brush. When you assemble the pipes the way you want, you have the perfect storage for your craft paints. You can hang it on a wall or just put it on a desk or table. Wanting more color in my life, I painted the pipes and now I have a nice place for my supplies that I can easily access.

The best part is that there is no need to clean this “build”. Instead, you can buy new pipes and put together a new layout! Isn’t that great?

If you have hundreds or maybe thousands of sequins, you will definitely find the following storage idea very useful. Since I wanted to store my sequins in a portable place and take it everywhere, I bought a jewelry box. Best of all, its sections are removable and it was also very easy for me to put the color labels. There is also a rich variety of plastic jars or containers, which can be put on a table or in a drawer. A very useful idea is to store them by color. You don’t want to waste your free time looking for that exact color, do you?

Cleaning a craft room is just as important as cleaning any other room in your house. Make sure you tidy up the place first, put everything in its place. Then start with one cleaning procedure at a time. Dust surfaces first, then vacuum carpets or mop bare floors, clean out drawers, etc. Devote 20 minutes every day to cleaning. In a few simple steps, the craft room will be impeccable.

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