Have you heard of the power of gratitude when it comes to manifesting money and other good things? You probably have. The reason it works so well is because being grateful for something keeps you focused on kindness, which draws more kindness into your life.

But sometimes it can be hard to feel grateful for what you have when there are so many other things you don’t have, and not having enough money can leave you feeling really frustrated and drained, even if you are very blessed in other ways.

However, there is an easier way, and it is through the power of APPRECIATION.

You don’t have to be in possession of something to appreciate it, right?

Appreciating money is a sure way to start making it flow to you, and it can work quickly!

Try this exercise every morning:

Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and relax. Make sure you put stress and anxious thoughts aside.

Then start thinking about why you appreciate money. Why is money so wonderful? What can I do for you? What do you like to spend money on when you have it? Why is it fun for you? Get into a mental recitation of all the reasons you love money and why it is so much fun to have. (You can say these things out loud or even write them down if you want, otherwise think about it.)

Here’s an example of what such an exercise would look like:

“I appreciate money because it allows me to have a roof over my head. I appreciate being able to buy food, clothing, and entertainment for myself and my family. I appreciate the fun ways money can come to me in addition to my job. Sometimes finding money in unusual places, like an old coat, under my car seat or even on the street. It’s fun when that happens! I love when money comes to me unexpectedly, like from a friend who owed me money that I forgot, or a unexpected refund check in the mail, and even win money in the lottery!

I appreciate being able to buy the things I need without worrying about how much money I have. I appreciate money for giving me the freedom to enjoy my life beyond mere survival. With money I can buy beautiful jewelry, clothes, computers and gadgets, appliances to make my life easier, fun cars to drive, vacations in beautiful places – money brings so much joy and goodness to my life!

I love having a lot of money to pay my bills and I still have money left over! I love having money in my pocket and not having to spend it on anything unless I want to. I love buying nice things and enjoying them afterwards!

If you had unlimited amounts of money right now, you would buy a beautiful house with several acres of land. Then I would hire a designer to decorate and furnish the house to make it a fun and relaxing oasis for me and my family. I’d buy myself a new car too, I’m thinking of a nice deep sea green hybrid with GPS, CD player and lots of extras. I would go shopping for a new wardrobe, lots of clothes that make me feel great when I wear them! I would stock up on books that inspire and excite me. I would buy my family members some nice gifts that would make them laugh and shout for joy!

Money is wonderful and I appreciate so many things about it! “

Carry on like this for as long as you like – 5 or 10 minutes is good, or even longer if you want. The example above is very general: use your own words and state the reasons why you love money and what you would do with it if you had more.

Vibratory flow

If you want to take exercise even further later, go online to some of your favorite store websites and fill your virtual shopping cart with all kinds of goodies. Don’t worry about how much anything costs, you will buy them VIBRATIONALLY. Just focus on having fun by choosing fun things to buy. When you’re done, close your browser window and pretend you’ve just sent your order out to the universe and your shipment of goodies is arriving soon.

Simplicity is good!

Can you see why this exercise works so well? You are not trying to convince yourself that you feel like you have a lot of money when you clearly know you don’t have it, but you DO feel more abundant, which will keep attracting more and more money for you!

Happy demonstration!

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