For proper hygiene, every bathroom needs some type of soap dispenser. Studies have shown that regular hand washing with soap and warm water is the best preventive action a person can take to avoid becoming infected with viruses and bacteria. When it comes to home bathrooms, homeowners need to weigh the functionality of the device against its aesthetics to choose the perfect one that not only works well, but perfectly matches the decor of the room.

When choosing these bathroom accessories, buyers will have two general options, the choice of which depends on personal taste and design scheme. Most people will prefer to buy freestanding models that can be placed on the bathroom counter, dresser, or bookshelf. These types of items contain two parts: the pump mechanism and the storage container. Although they come in many sizes, most people choose to buy models that are only a few inches tall to save valuable counter space. The container section, which holds the soap, is the place where a person can add their own touch to the decor of the room. Almost anything can be used to hold the liquid cleaning agent, and stores sell all kinds of decorative pieces. Some are made of ceramic that can have beautiful patterns painted on the surface, which can be combined with existing d├ęcor, while others are made of glass. These types of designs work well in traditional bathrooms, creating a warm and classic look. People who have a more contemporary decorating scheme may be interested in purchasing a stainless steel soap dispenser. The metallic finish will help accentuate the modern design scheme, creating a clean and contemporary look. The stainless steel canisters come in high-gloss and brushed finishes. Highly polished versions can add a bit of shine to a bathroom, while brushed steel can be used for a more subtle look.

Aside from countertop models, homeowners can also choose to purchase wall-mounted soap dispensers for their bathrooms. As the name suggests, these units need to be mounted on a wall, which can be helpful in saving space in a small room. Several models of this type also have sensors, which will automatically detect the presence of a person’s hand and provide cleaner when needed. These models are good options for physically challenged people who have a hard time reaching for things on the counter. Not only this, but these types of machines are more hygienic than manual models, since the person does not have to touch a surface that may contain bacteria. While a stainless steel sensor soap dispenser may be more suitable for a commercial setting, these utilitarian designs appear more often in the home as they are easy to clean and work well in modern bathrooms.

Choosing the perfect design largely depends on the needs and wishes of the buyer. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from, making finding the right one only a matter of time.

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