The job growth projection for paralegals is 22% between 2006 and 2014 according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This is faster than the average occupation. Now is a great time to look for an online associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree in paralegal law studies. If you have a bachelor’s degree in another area, there are transition programs to help you earn a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies in less than two years.

A paralegal works directly with a lawyer and performs a number of functions, such as interviewing clients, researching facts, drafting legal documents, researching laws, and assisting at trial. Earning an affordable paralegal degree online will prepare you for this exciting career in the legal arena.

Online paralegal education programs may specialize in social security law, real estate law, family law, corporate law, employment law, personal injury law, or alternative dispute resolution. Most paralegals work for law firms, but many are employed in the government sector. The pay range for paralegals is $37,000 to $51,000. The exact amount depends, of course, on education level and experience.

Online paralegal programs are available at Pierce College, South University, Colorado Technical University, Virginia College, Kaplan University, Stonecliff College, Everest College, and the prestigious George Washington University. An online college degree website can provide more information about the curriculum, requirements, financial aid, and advisors.

Studies can be completed online at the student’s convenience 24/7. Support is available for technical and program questions. Communication between the instructor or professor and other students is available online. Tuition costs are often similar to those of a traditional college or university, but without the additional costs for housing and transportation. Online degree programs are an affordable and convenient alternative to a campus-based program.

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