In conferences and meetings, the view of the audience is the most important factor that can make the purpose of meetings and conferences more effective. A results-driven meeting can easily boost your business and motivate internal and employee participation. Participation will also help the host better understand the scenario in a short period of time. This method encourages effective audience participation in lectures and also increases the opportunity for information between the speaker and the audience. For a more effective result, especially if the size of the voting audience is huge, many successful business tycoons are using an online voting system that provides a professional experience.

Here is a complete guide that will help the host (as a client, external partner or attendee) to implement a successful audience survey. This simple guide will help you get maximum engagement from your target audience and avoid common mistakes.

1. Definition of the objectives of the conference

It is very important to state the objective of the conference or presentation. Also, let the audience know what their role is during the presentation. As you run the presentation, make them understand each of the surveys and set goals (if necessary).

two. Create surveys with objectives

Create the poll question before the conference. The following points should be considered when creating poll questions.

1) Decide on the time allocation for the meeting session.

2) Avoid overloading the presentation with polls.

3) Keep your surveys sharp, precise and relevant.

4) Use images, videos, and graphics for maximum engagement.

5) Question slide can also be supported with quiz knowledge to support survey answer.

6) Consider the language according to your audience

3. Technical considerations

Before the meeting, check the availability of hardware and software configuration on site. Check the bandwidth of the website and the frequency of simultaneous connections.

Four. brand survey

With a reputable online voting system like the iVote app, the user can upload their organization logo and can also change the voting URL to promote their brand and reflect the event.

5. Manage the audience

Why is a massive response important for a conference poll?

If the host has managed to get responses from a maximum number of audiences, the probability of hitting the right target will be higher.

How can your survey bring about a sea change or response?

• Tell your audience to bring fully charged mobile devices because providing every one of them will not be feasible nor will they reach the maximum audience.

• Also, provide them with the brand URL and QR code.

• Depending on the requirement of the survey, the host can also emphasize the fact: ‘participants can remain anonymous’.

6. Icebreaker survey for more indulgence

To make the audience feel comfortable, the host can anticipate their audience with the help of nudge questions, familiarizing them with poll software, etc. Nudge them politely to generate a maximum number of responses.

7. Live voting presentation

If the audience collaborates with you, explain to them how it works. The online voting system’s recording response system and evolving patterns on the screen will automatically incite more excitement among your audience.

8. sharing is better

Don’t forget to share your experiences with the polling system or live voting which can excite your future participants and can attract more registrations in future conference polls.

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