1. Litmus.

Have you ever considered how your emails would look like in various email clients? Outlook, G mail and Yahoo show email separately. However, Litmus goes one step further and gives you the opportunity to explore how your emails are presented in more than 70 applications and devices. Additionally, Litmus comes with a builder and a checklist. The Builder allows you to use the code editor to create, analyze, and troubleshoot your emails. To make sure your emails work everywhere, use the checklist. The checklist helps identify significant items that can affect your email performance.

2. Raven URL Builder.

For website owners and online marketers, identifying where their traffic is coming from is key. This is where Raven URL Builder comes in. Use Raven URL Builder to determine where your traffic is originating from and include links to an email. This tool is again very useful for A/B testing and generating automated marketing reports.

3. Tiny PNG.

As an online merchant or website owner, you love adding animated PNG and PNG images to your emails or content, right? Yes, everyone does that, however we constantly get frustrated with load times. Your email recipients or views do not need to experience this. TinyPNG can produce the best compression on your images, making them load faster and interesting to use.

4. Beaker.

Writing plain text emails from scratch can be laborious, and the easiest way around it is to write emails in HTML. Unfortunately, people avoid reading emails in HTML format.

Beaker, developed by MailChimp Labs, gives you the opportunity to convert your HTML emails and deliver them as normal text.


Pixabay is the place to go for eye-catching images, videos, graphics, and illustrations that your viewers will love. Also, you don’t need to worry about any copyright issues as all images and videos are free to use anywhere and even for commercial purposes.

6. Glock applications. Email spam test.

Email marketing requires careful planning and strategic thinking. You don’t want to risk your emails going unread because they were sent to the spam folder or blocked by an ISP. This can threaten your entire advertising campaign. GlockApps has outstanding products that can help you maximize your inbox deliverability. GlockApps allows you to scan your emails against the main spam filters and lets you know where problems can arise. It also provides practical approaches to increase ROI, open rates, and deliverability. GlockApps helps you navigate spam folders, test reputation before sending emails, send a recurring test, expose and fix delivery issues.

There you go. The above email marketing tools will go a long way in improving and maximizing your email campaigns and workflow.

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