Containment is part of the organizing process. Containers are good storage options, but are the contents always easy to access? This is a question that should be considered based on the type of storage option. Storage criteria may be different for each organization solution, but ease of access should be a top priority.

Containers or bins come in all shapes and sizes. Every box, bin, basket, shelf, drawer, shelf, cabinet, pantry, closet, and room in your house is a container, just like your own home. The way we organize these containers determines the ease of access.

Most containers have lids. Some have hinges that are permanently attached. Others may have a lid that snaps shut, which can be left on. Other containers, perhaps a shelf, basket, or repurposed item, will not have a lid.

How you use the container, whether it has a lid or not, will determine how easy it is to access the contents. The concept of a good organization solution must take into account that you can find what you need, when you need it, and easy access for quick retrieval. If it’s cumbersome to enter a container to retrieve an item, you’re less likely to stick with this solution.

Obviously, open containers are easier to access than closed containers. As you determine your containment needs, I encourage you to use open containers whenever possible for easy access.

The list below provides scenarios and tips on how to use open containment for easy access.

· When stacking multiple bins containing similar items, such as inventory or overflow, remove the top bin lid. You can easily access the contents. When that container is empty, replace the lid and move it to the bottom of the stack. Then remove the lid of the upper container.

· Drawers: Use drawer dividers for small items, such as empty check boxes; yes, some people still write checks, jewelry boxes, or yogurt cups. If they have lids, remove them so you can easily access the contents of each container. Actual drawer dividers work well in the kitchen for utensils of various sizes.

· Racks and Hooks – These are great for hanging just about anything in any room inside or outside your home. Kitchen utensils, brooms, pots and pans, jewelry, backpacks, handbags, hand tools, and garden tools are just a few examples that are easy to access by hanging on a shelf or hook. Various types of racks and hooks work great for organizing a garage.

· Over the Door Storage: There are so many options for storage that hangs over a door. These products have shelves, hooks, or pockets and come in a variety of materials. They can be used in any room that has a door, although a pocket door won’t work. You can see the content at a glance and choose what you need quickly.

· Hanging Files – This one is really a no-brainer. Hanging files should be kept in a filing cabinet or bag, but either way, the paperwork is easily accessible. The way you organize the paperwork in these files makes the recovery system fast.

Organizing products: Here’s another no-brainer. There are so many organization products on the market that provide easy access. They are intentionally designed that way. Many office products that hang on the wall or sit on a desk are usually open-ended with easy access in mind.

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